Split Face Block

  • Highly durable product 
  • May be integrally colored 
  • May include water repellant admixtures for moisture management 
  • Available in multiple shapes and sizes 
  • Manufactured locally 
  • Ask about ability to add pre-consumer recycled content

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About Split Face Block

Echelon Split Face Block standard concrete masonry units (CMUs) are integrally colored pre-finished architectural concrete blocks with a beautiful, rough-hewn texture on one or more faces. Our split face CMUs are molded with two concrete units attached face to face. The units are cured and then mechanically split apart, leaving the split face with a rough texture, similar to natural stone. The face splitting process reveals the aggregates used in the block, so different aggregates will give different appearances and no two split face block units are exactly alike. We offer standard split face block and double-sided split face block to meet multiple architectural masonry needs.


*Split Face Block is not available in Minnesota.

Performance Upgrade Options

Architectural performance upgrade options are available for Echelon split face masonry blocks. Learn more about our over-sized and polished concrete masonry upgrades.