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April 11, 1pm ET - Designing for Moisture Protection in Concrete Masonry Walls

(1 LU | HSW)

For a moisture-free structure, water repellent concrete masonry admixtures do the heavy-lifting to keep buildings dry. Learn about the evolution of water repellant chemistries including the use of low-dosage, high-efficiency CMU admixtures and powdered admixtures for preblended mortars. Join us for an overview of admixture uses, benefits and best practices so you can ensure your next single-wythe project is moisture-free.

You won’t want to miss this opportunity to take a deep dive with industry experts as you learn how to manage moisture in concrete masonry construction.

May 9, 1pm ET - Using Concrete Pavers to Create Living Streets

(1 LU | HSW)

To create a more livable built environment, urban planners are turning to interlocking pavers for roadways in order that pedestrians and vehicles can share space. The European concept known as “woonerf” is a design principle that creates or retrofits low-speed roadways by incorporating traffic calming measures to create shared-space streets. This promotes lower traffic speeds and the use of a street as a public space where people can move freely from connected pathways, parking lots and buildings.

Join us for a deep dive into how interlocking paver systems can be used to meet this ever-growing urban need in the areas of design, accessibility, and safety.

June 13, 1pm ET - Introduction to Ventilated Rainscreen Facades: Methods, Design, and Sustainability

(1 LU | HSW)

Join us as we cover one of the most efficient construction envelope options for commercial buildings today: Rainscreen cladding. Ventilated rainscreen facades tout benefits such as structural movement reduction, improved thermal insulation as well as overall energy efficiency.

You won’t want to miss this opportunity to learn about more efficient and sustainably design using rainscreen ventilated facades, the latest in architectural trends.

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