Artisan Masonry Veneers

The look of natural stone without the tradeoffs. Artisan Masonry Veneers deliver the design flexibility, ease of installation, and peak durability so you can bring the rich aesthetics of natural stone to every project.

Kensley Stone

A historic chiseled stone aesthetic in a modern, lightweight package. Beautiful color blends, varying stone thicknesses and multiple unit sizes combine to deliver the randomness of natural stone in a easy-to-install thing veneer package.

Lamina Stone

A thin stacked stone aesthetic with endless installation flexibility. With the options of contemporary or modern colors, various lengths and false joint and solid units, Lamina delivers a completely custom result on every project.

Trava Stone

A distinctive travertine-like finish in a modern thin veneer package, Trava is designed to set your projects apart.

Stratica Stone

A distinctive striated finish in a modern thin veneer package, Stratica is designed to turn heads.