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Echelon Helps Leading Global Architecture Firm Capture the Brand Essence of New Florida REI Location


The Story

Globally renowned architecture and design firm, CallisonRTKL regularly partners with REI to lead the design and construction on this iconic American outdoor recreation retailer’s brick and mortar stores across America. CallisonRTKL utilizes multiple designs in different areas of the country, each anchored with a combination of authentic natural materials such as wood, steel and concrete in true form to capture the rugged, yet refined essence of the REI brand.

The CallisonRTKL team specified Echelon’s Trendstone® and Split Face concrete masonry units (CMUs) to complete their vision of a new REI store in Winter Park Florida, an affluent suburb just north of Orlando.

“For one of the REI concepts, our design team incorporates a mural painted directly onto the outside block,” stated Douglas Dohan, CallisonRTKL Associate Vice President. “In doing so, we specified a precision-style block that we can rely on for its uniformity in both color and finish in order to maintain the integrity of the mural.”

Looking to remain economical, yet go beyond the look of an ordinary blank wall, CallisonRTKL utilized Echelon’s Split Face units and Trendstone® block. The Split Face units feature a rough texture, similar to natural stone, which reveals the aggregates used in the block.

In comparison, the Trendstone® product is a smooth, prefinished, integrally colored concrete block with one or more faces ground to expose the variegated colors of the natural aggregates. A factory-applied clear satin gloss acrylic accentuates the natural beauty of the aggregates and provides moisture resistance.

CallisonRTKL used the Split Face block to create a wainscoting on the bottom along with the smooth features of the Trendstone® on top, which combine to create a focused visual interest that anchors the artwork. In addition to itsaesthetic appeal, Echelon’s Trendstone® ground face concrete masonry units (CMUs) are maintenance free, easy to clean and offer one-step installation.

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