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Echelon Masonry products are manufactured regionally. For best results, enter the zip code where your project is located.

High Polish

Enhance the aesthetics of your projects with a smooth terrazzo finish.

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The split face masonry aesthetic, elevated to ensure tight dimensional tolerance and uniform texture for every project.

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A natural travertine aesthetic with the benefits of manufactured stone, available in both full-depth veneer and structural units.

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The ground face masonry aesthetic, elevated with acrylic sealers to accentuate natural beauty of each unit.

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Trendstone Plus

Elevate the ground face aesthetic even further by filling, sealing and polishing each unit to deliver a smooth terrazzo-like finish.

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A ground-face unit that combines peak sustainability – and aesthetics – in a single package.

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Verastone Plus

Filled, sealed and polished to accentuate the beauty of the recycled aggregates for peak sustainability and aesthetics.

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