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About Quik-Brik

When national retailers require a quality product that meets their time and budget constraints without sacrificing aesthetics or durability, they turn to Quik-Brik®.

Architects and builders choose Quik-Brik time and time again for its first-rate appearance and history of dependability.

Get the look and feel of traditional brick veneers without the high costs and time-consuming installation process. When national retailers require a quality product that meets their time and budget constraints without sacrificing aesthetics or durability, they turn to Quik-Brik® structural concrete brick.

Contact us to learn more about how Quik-Brik CMUs can be used for your specific project.

Product Details

  • The aesthetic appeal of traditional clay brick, but single-wythe masonry at a cost-effective price point
  • One-step installation with cost similar to a CMU application
  • Exceeds compressive strength requirements of ASTM C-90
  • Fade resistant composition
  • Integral water-resistant polymer
  • May be insulated using same insulation materials used in standard CMU wall construction
  • Can be used with Enduramax Wall System

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Continuing Education

Continue to develop your skill set and learn about the latest innovations in your field while earning CEU credits for Masonry & Architecture

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Lunch and Learn

Designing with Innovative Architectural Blocks for Buildings

CEU Credits: 1 LU | HSW

Concrete masonry units offer a surprising amount of design flexibility, sustainability benefits and performance characteristics. Join us for a look at some of the lesser known innovations happening in the world of architectural block.

Lunch and Learn

Introduction To Rainscreen Ventilated Facades

CEU Credits: 1 LU | HSW

A rainscreen cladding is one of the most efficient systems for construction envelope purposes in today’s commercial building environment. This presentation will discuss how rainscreen cladding provides a building solution that aligns with current sustainable architecture trends and is surprisingly easy to install.

Lunch and Learn

Modern Masonry Using Pre-Blended Mortar

CEU Credits: 1 LU | HSW

Pre-blended mortar eliminates many of the variables and uncertainties of site-mixed mortar, thus reducing the potential for problems and liability with the finished masonry construction. In this course, we will look at the types of mortar available, the process and pitfalls of field mixing versus pre-blended mortar, and the significance of mortar in masonry assemblies.

Masonry Solutions for BIM

CEU Credits: 1 LU | HSW

This presentation provides a condensed overview of BIM and its impact on the construction industry, with a particular focus on new software tools that are changing the way masonry is designed, specified, ordered, manufactured, shipped, installed and maintained.

Lunch and Learn

Masonry vs. the Storm – Building for Resilience

CEU Credits: 1 LU | HSW

This presentation will discuss how the strength and resiliency of masonry construction can help protect a building – and its occupants – from storm damage, return structures to use faster following a disaster and reduce the long-term cost of repairs.

Lunch and Learn

Design Strategies for Architectural Stone Masonry

CEU Credits: 1 LU | HSW

Learn how to effectively design masonry walls using legacy stone products, such as natural limestone, cast stone and architectural masonry, as well as calcium silicate and architectural pre-cast products.

Lunch and Learn

Controlling Moisture in Masonry

CEU Credits: 1 LU | HSW

Moisture intrusion is a leading cause of structural damage across all building types, and a leading threat to occupant health and wellbeing.

Lunch and Learn

Modern Masonry: Fire Protection and Enhanced Performance

CEU Credits: 1 LU | HSW

The recent string of large construction fires across the US has cost billions of dollars in damages to job sites and nearby structures.