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  • Crab Orchard
  • Leuders Gray
  • Braband Gray
  • Rustic Beige
  • Waco Natural
  • Waco Natural Light
  • White
  • Limestone
  • Avondale (chiseled)
  • Highlands (chiseled)
  • Pewter (chiseled)
  • Pearl (Sm, chiseled)
  • Mountain Sand (smooth)
  • Onyx (smooth)
  • Foundry (smooth)

About Mondrian Stone

Echelon’s Mondrian Stone is a new innovative generation of thin textured stone that will add prestige and distinction to your design. Mondrian Stone’s texture, defined edges, slightly chiseled surfaces, and slender forms provide a modern look. It can be installed in linear or modular patterns and blends perfectly with existing sheathing as an accent or can be used for a primary design note.

Contact us to learn how Mondrian Stone can fit into your next project.

Product Details

  • Proposes a cutting-edge style with an attractive texture
  • Allows for a modular or linear installation
  • Reduces the number of cuts required and waste due to its modular dimensions
  • All stones include textured ends to achieve corners

Continuing Education

Continue to develop your skill set and learn about the latest innovations in your field while earning CEU credits for Masonry & Architecture

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Lunch and Learn

Design Tactics for Masonry Stone Products (LU/HSW)

CEU Credits: 1 LU | HSW

The choice of concrete masonry in a building’s envelope provides a durable and permanent material that will last the life of the building. This program will discuss new masonry and stone products in the market, including large veneer and design options to meet today’s trending aesthetic demands.

Lunch and Learn

Enhancements to Manufactured Stone Veneers (LU)

CEU Credits: 1 LU | HSW

Sustainable design and green building are ever-evolving, with the latest version, LEED v4.1 introduced in 2019.

Lunch and Learn

Masonry and LEED V4.1 (LU/HSW)

CEU Credits: 1 LU | HSW

Manufactured stone veneers have come a long way since their introduction, with modern versions delivering the high performance and timeless aesthetics of natural stone at a fraction of the cost.

This presentation reviews the rising trend and use of manufactured stone veneers (MSV) and advancements in the manufacturing process which make new veneers more durable, easier to install and more aesthetically pleasing and delivers the natural aesthetic of real stone.