Waterford Stone®

  • Integrated color throughout entire unit
  • Hand chiseled texture reminiscent of natural stone
  • Modular full-bed depth system
  • Modular format means less cutting and waste
  • Repels water & resists mold

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About Waterford Stone®

Waterford Stone® masonry veneers evoke the natural, time-honed look of hand-cut stone with its antiqued edges and textured face while featuring the modern benefits of manufactured masonry. Waterford Stone® veneers grant unparalleled design flexibility with a diverse array of sizes and colors, employing Oldcastle’s unique multiple color blending system that will last the life of your project.

In The Field

Today's stone veneers... are manufactured with more strength & realism, as well with energy and insulative values." Modern Masonry Vol. 1 Issue 1 Read More

Technical Data

Minimum compressive strength 2000 psi
Maximum absorption by weight 13 lbs./cu. ft. 
Minimum density 125 lbs./cu. ft. or more
4” & 7” piece pallet weight 3,564 lbs./104.8 sq.ft.
11 1⁄2” piece pallet weight 3,496 lbs./92 sq.ft.
11 1⁄2” chiseled piece pallet weight 4,048 lbs./92 sq.ft.

Artisan Masonry Stone Veneers™ meet or exceed all ASTM C90 specifications. Individual product test results will vary depending on regional manufacturing.

Laying Patterns

Waterford Stone Veneers Laying Pattern with 10% Large Stones Laying Pattern for Waterford Stone with 25% Large Stones
10% Large Stones 25% Large Stones

Shapes & Sizes

Modular system designed to fit with tight dimensional tolerances.

Heights: 4, 7 & 11½ inches
Stone face heights are nominal based on a mortar joint width of 3/8” to 3/4"
Lengths: 7, 8½, 10, 11½, 13, 14½, 16, 17½, 19 & 20½ inches
Stone face lengths are nominal based on a mortar joint width of 3/8” to 3/4"
Depth: 3½"

Stones of 4" and 7" height are shipped on the same pallet. All 11½" height is shipped on a corresponding pallet. 
4" & 7" pallet: 3,564 lbs/104.8 sq. ft.
11½" pallet: 3,496 lbs/92 sq. ft.  11½" chiseled piece pallet: 4,048 lbs./92 sq. ft.


Performance Upgrade Options

May be paired with the EnduraMax High Performance Wall System