Porcelain Masonry Veneers by Mirage

About Porcelain Masonry Veneers by Mirage


The strength and beauty of Mirage porcelain cladding begins at the source. Porcelain clays- more porous than rival clay and cementitious veneer material- is meticulously screened of carbonates and other impurities in the manufacturing process by Mirage. The end result? Cladding panels with remarkable strength- resistant up-to 2200 lbs.- and durability that ensures time-tested performance against freeze/thaw, stains, fire and chemical agents.


Rich browns, rustic greys, and pristine whites captures the natural hues of iconic Italian landscapes in dramatic fashion and deliver instant depth to a living space, commercial property or business setting. Crafted in Italy, Mirage Porcelain Veneers empowers those looking to elevate their portfolio and drive distinction among their peers.


Available in 13 unique palettes*, Mirage is the ultimate utility knife for design professionals looking to complement an existing installation or create a bold statement. Non-load bearing, Mirage Porcelain Veneers can be installed virtually anywhere in thicknesses ranging from 1/8th-to-1/4th inches. Low absorption rates, and resistance to staining, Mirage Porcelain Veneers blend the line between high-end aesthetics and functionality. Striking façades, kitchen back splashes, mud rooms, outdoor living spaces... your imagination is the only limitation. And with pieces weighing 5 lbs. and shipped in flat packaging, installers can lay more pieces with less jobsite waste using a standard mortar or stone veneer adhesive.

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