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Quik-Brik Masonry Catalog

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The rich, distinctive look of brick is a must-have for countless commercial, retail, institutional and government projects. Yet speed of installation, cost effectiveness and durability are just as important. With Quik-Brik® you get it all. It’s designed smarter, to tackle the construction and design challenges you face. While traditional brick veneers require structural reinforcement, Quik-Brik stands alone for cost-effective, one-step installation. Because it is concrete masonry, it’s durable and beautiful for years to come. And Quik-Brik offers versatility with the rich look of brick in a variety of colors and shades.


Quik-Brik Traditional
Founders Finish

We've mastered the art of brick, everywhere you look.

Quik-Brik has become the most in-demand single-wythe masonry unit in the business for a reason. National retailers and their construction partners know they can count on us to deliver the consistent look they need within the deadline they’ve set. Whether you’re building in California, Florida, New York — or any point in-between — Quik-Brik’s Echelon-supported national manufacturing and distribution network means the product you spec can reach your jobsite in less time. And that product will match from location to location. Quik-Brik is available in 4-inch, 8-inch or 12-inch deep units. Or choose our 1 ¾-inch thick option when used with our EnduraMax™ High Performance Wall System.



  • One-Step Installation: Quik-Brik can be installed faster than a traditional brick veneer.
  • Moisture-Resistance for Better Indoor Air Quality: Quick-Brik includes a water repellant admixture — keeping indoor walls dry and reducing the potential for mold growth.
  • Sound Absorption: Units typically have an STC (Sound Transmission Class) of 45-48, depending on unit dimensions and manufacturing location.
  • Fire Performance: Quik-Brik units typically achieve two- to three-hour fire ratings, depending on the unit dimensions and manufacturing location.
  • Energy Efficiency: Hollow core construction allows for the application of loose-fill or foamed-in insulation to increase wall R-Values, creating energy efficient walls that meet Model Energy Codes. Quick-Brik can also be paired with the complete EnduraMax High Performance Wall System for greater energy efficiency.
  • Lasting Beauty: All units are manufactured using high-quality metallic oxide pigments to resist fading from ultraviolet light and attack by acidic substances.
  • Above and Beyond Code: Quik-Brik meets and surpasses many of today’s more stringent building code requirements, including the ASTM C-90 code for compressive strength and absorption.
  • No Hassles, No Delays: Quik-Brik offers next-day shipment if the color you’ve selected is in inventory.

Quik-Brik® Traditional

Quik-Brik Traditional

A classic rich brick finish with modern performance.

Our traditional color palette is designed around the classics — deep reds, subdued earth tones and warm browns. These colors stand the test of time not only in architectural style but also in performance: each color is an integral part of the unit and engineered to resist weathering and fading. 

  • Colors are an integral part of the unit to resist fading.  
  • Our traditional color palette gives buildings a classic, timeless look.

EnduraMaxTM High Performance Wall System

Founders Finish

Quik-Brik Founders Finish

A soft, striated finish, for a timeworn aesthetic.

Our Founders Finish gives any building a more historic or industrial look. The subtle vertical texture is available in a variety of colors — from rustic reds to cool grays to contemporary tans. Each color is an integral part of the unit and engineered to resist weathering and fading. 

  • The brushed, striated finish adds visual interest and texture.
  • Rustic reds create a historic or rustic look.
  • Contemporary tans lend themselves to a mid-century modern style.
  • Cool grays give buildings a more industrial feel.

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Quik-Brik Harvard Brik

Blended colors for the look of craftsman-era brick. 

Our Harvard-Brik® Series provides a blended finish so authentic, the masons of the past are smiling. It offers all of the benefits of Quik-Brik with a unique blended color palette. The integral color process accentuates your building and provides color fastness.

  • Variations in color from brick to brick give buildings a distinctive look that can easily be replicated across franchised locations or national chains.
  • A locale-inspired color palette helps you achieve a period feel.

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As a single-wythe CMU, Quik-Brik offers you vast color and finish choices without the need for a separate brick veneer. You get the look you’re after, and your crews get fast, one-step installation. 

Nothing beats the real thing.

Product samples are always available, so you can assure color accuracy. Contact your Echelon representative to obtain an Echelon Design Guide and product samples or download the Quik-Brik Masonry Catalog to view our complete Quik-Brik color palette.