Aria Slim™ Stone

  • Exclusive 36" long veneer design delivers long, clean sight lines
  • Full 3 5/8" bed depth provides durability
  • Longer dimension reduces installation time
  • Same unit used for both facades and corners
  • Available in multiple colors and finishes from smooth to shot blast to match your desired aesthetic

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About Aria Slim™ Stone

The long, clean lines of Aria Slim™ Stone deliver a distinctive linear aesthetic perfect for interior or exterior commercial applications.

Available in a range of contrasting colors and textures, its sleek profile can easily be mixed with other materials to achieve a unique, contemporary look that sets your project apart.

Technical Data

  • Minimum compressive strength - 4,000 psi
  • Maximum absorption rate - Average 6%
  • Minimum density - 120 lbs. / cu. ft.

ASTM C1634 - Specification for Solid Dry-cast, Concrete Facing Units.  All tests performed in accordance with ASTM C140.

Shapes and Sizes

3 5/8" H x 35 5/8" L x 3 5/8" D
3 5/8" H x 35 5/8" L x 3 5/8" D

Silo Graph

Aria Slim - Silo Graph
Aria Slim - Silo Graph