Vertical Scored Block

  • Highly durable standard masonry block
  • May be integrally colored 
  • May include water repellant admixtures for moisture management 
  • Available in multiple shapes, sizes and hues
  • Manufactured locally 
  • Ask about ability to add pre-consumer recycled content

About Vertical Scored Block

Scored CMU block is formed using a mold with the desired graphic characteristics. Many of Echelon’s vertical scored blocks are designed so that the vertical scores in the blocks appear in the finished wall as unwavering straight lines or stack bond, even when laid up in regular running bond in which joints alternate over the center of units in courses above and below. The vertical score is used to simulate the mortar joints of the concrete masonry units above and below.

Vertical Scored Block Performance Upgrade Options

Our standard vertical scored CMU is available in over-sized masonry units and polished finishes to improve the performance and aesthetics of an installation.