About Cast Stone Masonry Blocks

Oldcastle partners with a number of industry leading brands and companies to supply our customers with Echelon Cast Stone veneer options and to be a complete masonry source provider. Cast stone masonry blocks are highly refined architectural precast building stones manufactured to simulate natural cut stone. Our standard cast stone blocks can be used to provide architectural trim, ornamentation or functional features to buildings and structures. Ask your local architectural representative for more information about our cast stone products or use our online "Contact Us" form

Continuing Education

Lunch and Learn

IECC Energy Review and Masonry Compliance Options (LU/HSW)

CEU Credits: 1 LU | HSW

The International Energy Construction Code is leading the charge for increasingly stringent energy code requirements across the nation, requiring ongoing adaptation of design strategies. 

This course reviews exterior envelope R-Value requirements and masonry wall compliance options in regards to the latest IECC code as well as several competitive building materials. We will review evolving exterior wall R-value requirements, explore the definition and impact of continuous insulation (CI), and present design opportunities for innovative wall systems that meet and exceed IECC performance standards.

After completing this course, attendees will be able to: 
Understand IECC requirements for exterior walls. 
Describe the principles behind continuous insulation (CI).
Develop effective specifications that incorporate continuous insulation into masonry systems. 
Understand the benefits and limitations of “new” & “old” wall systems.
Effectively apply this knowledge to future projects in order to meet increasingly aggressive energy performance goals.
This course is applicable to all masonry product lines, especially for InsulTech and EnduraMax
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Lunch and Learn

Designing with Masonry for a Healthier, Safer Building Environment (LU/HSW)

CEU Credits: 1 LU | HSW

Masonry delivers a variety of benefits to occupants and designers alike including being highly environmentally-friendly due to its durability and reduced embodied energy compared to other structural building materials. 

This course will discuss ASTM specification classifications, as well as the various texture, pattern and color variations offered by masonry. Additionally, the course will review the environmental contributions that masonry offers the architect including the prevention of moisture and mold in construction projects and protentional LEED credits.

After completing this course, attendees will be able to: 
Identify the performance characteristics of the various types of architectural masonry. 
Understand different ASTM Classifications and how these affect the architect's specification of concrete masonry. 
Discuss the proper detailing of concrete masonry to prevent moisture intrusion. 
Explain the LEED rating system and how masonry plays a part in achieving LEED certification.
This course is applicable to all masonry product lines.
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Enhancements to Manufactured Stone Veneers (LU)

CEU Credits: 1 LU | HSW

Manufactured stone veneers have come a long way since their introduction, with modern versions delivering the high performance and timeless aesthetics of natural stone at a fraction of the cost.

This presentation reviews the rising trend and use of manufactured stone veneers (MSV) and advancements in the manufacturing process which make new veneers more durable, easier to install and more aesthetically pleasing and delivers the natural aesthetic of real stone.

After completing this course, attendees will be able to: 
Define the difference between the dry and wet cast, as well as lighting and full-depth veneers in terms of aesthetics, cost considerations, ease of installation and maintenance. 
Describe veneer installation procedures that ensure moisture control and a long building life with minimal maintenance. 
Educate peers on how veneers contribute to a building’s durability and integrity. 
Effectively specify and detail well-constructed masonry veneer.
This course is applicable to all veneer product lines.
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