Insultech IAPMO Evaluation Report

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CSI Sections: 04 22 00 Concrete Unit Masonry 04 22 00.13 Concrete Unit Veneer Masonry


Oldcastle Architecture’s Insultech™ insulated concrete masonry unit wall system recognized in this report has been evaluated for strength and fire performance. The following code editions and criteria are recognized:

• 2015 and 2012 International Building Code® (IBC)
• IAPMO Uniform ES EC021-2014 • 2016 California Building Code – Supplement (attached)
• 2014 Florida Building Code - Building – Supplement (attached)


2.1 The Insultech™ insulated concrete masonry unit and veneer wall system shall be manufactured, identified and installed in accordance with this report and the applicable code. In the event of a conflict this report governs.

2.2 Construction plans, details and calculations for the Insultech™ insulated masonry wall system shall be approved by the building official. Calculations and details shall be prepared by a registered design professional where required by the statutes of the jurisdiction in which the project is to be constructed.

2.3 In areas where the probability of termite infestation is very heavy, in accordance with Section 2603.8 of the 2015 IBC (Section 2603.9 of the 2012 IBC), Insultech™ insulated masonry and veneer wall units shall not be installed under interior or exterior foundation walls located below grade.


3.1 General: Insultech™ insulated masonry and veneer wall units recognized in this report are used as structural masonry, insulation and veneer. The Insultech™ wall system may be used in fire-resistancerated construction under the IBC and IRC, and any construction type (IBC Types I through V), when installed in accordance with the applicable sections of this report.

3.2 Concrete Masonry Design Requirements: Structural design of walls shall be in accordance with Chapter 21 of the IBC considering the strength of the CMU only, with no strength from the veneer.

3.3 Veneer Design Requirements: The exterior veneer portion of the wall assembly shall be designed in compliance with Section 1405.6 of the IBC. The veneer shall not be considered to add to the strength of the CMU. In Seismic Design Category C and higher, the sides and top of veneer shall be isolated from the structure so that vertical and lateral seismic forces resisted by the structure are not imparted to the veneer, in accordance with Section of TMS 402.

In Seismic Design Category E and F the requirements for Seismic Design Categories C and D apply and the weight of the anchored veneer for each story shall be supported independent of other stories, in accordance with Section 1405.6.2 of the IBC.

The maximum allowable out-of-plane load (wind load) for the veneer shall be 195 psf (9.34 kPa).

3.4 Flashing and Weep Holes: Flashing and weep holes shall be designed to resist water penetration into the building interior. Weep holes shall be at least 3 /16-inch (4.8 mm) in diameter and spaced less than 33-inches (838 mm) on center, in accordance with Section of TMS 402.

3.5 Types I, II, III, IV and V Construction: The Insultech™ insulated concrete masonry unit wall system may be used in Types I, II, III, IV and V construction. Wall openings, such as window headers, shall have protection of the foam plastic insulation as shown in Figures 3, 4, 5 and 6 of this report. The structural steel angle shall be a minimum of ¼-inch (6.3 mm) thick. The horizontal leg of the steel angle shall cover the full thickness of the insulation and extend a minimum of 1-inch (25.4 mm) into the veneer joint. When 25 gage steel flashing is used at the vertical jamb there shall be a minimum of 1- 1/2” (38 mm) thick minimum 4 pcf (64 kg/m3 ) density mineral wool insulation installed between the flashing and the foam plastic insulation.

3.6 Fire-Resistance-Rated-Assemblies: The Insultech™ insulated concrete masonry unit wall system has a fireresistance rating of 4 hours, grouted or ungrouted.

3.7 Installation: Insultech™ insulated concrete masonry unit walls shall be installed in accordance with the manufacturer’s installation instructions, the applicable code, and this report. The Insultech™ wall system shall be laid in Type M or S mortar complying with ASTM C270. The Insultech foam gaskets, described in Section 4.1.5 of this report, prevent air leakage through the horizontal joints.


4.1 General: Insultech™ units consists of pre-assembled structural concrete masonry units with molded EPS insulation inserts and thin concrete masonry veneer. The veneer is connected to the CMU by stainless steel anchors embedded into dove slots in the back of the veneer and the face of the CMU. Insultech™ wall system is available in both full height and half-height units. Figures 1 and 2 of this report provides a typical detail.

4.1.1 Insultech™ concrete masonry units shall comply with ASTM C90 for load-bearing concrete masonry units in accordance with Section 2103.1 of the IBC. The CMU shall be minimum nominal width of 8-inch with dove-tail slots on the exterior face to receive matching stainless steel anchors and insulation inserts.

4.1.2 Insultech™ inserts consist of NEOPOR® by BASF molded expanded polystyrene (EPS) insulation. The EPS inserts are a maximum of 3.0 inch (76.2 mm) thick and shall comply with ASTM C578 as Type II with a minimum density of 1.35 pound per cubic foot (21.6 kg/m3 ). The EPS inserts have a flame-spread index not greater than 25 and a smoke-developed index not greater than 450 when tested in accordance with ASTM E84. The insulation inserts have molded faces that fit into matching dove-tail slots on the face of the CMU and back of the veneer.

4.1.3 Insultech™ veneer consists of nominally 15 /8 inch (41.3 mm) thick manufactured concrete masonry complying with ASTM C1634. The weight of the veneer is approximately 17 psf (0.81 kPa). The back of the veneer units have dove-tail slots to receive matching stainless steel anchors and insulation inserts.

4.1.4 Stainless steel anchors are inserted into matching dove-tail slots in the CMU and veneer. The anchors shall be 0.03 inch (0.76 mm) thick, 7 /8-inch (22.2 mm) wide Type 430 stainless steel complying with ASTM A240. Each full height and half-height concrete masonry unit (CMU) has two anchors connecting the veneer to the CMU.

4.1.5 Insultech™ Foam Gaskets are laid horizontally over Insultech™ inserts to maintain the insulation within the mortar joint thickness. The compressible PVC Gaskets are nominally 3-inches wide by 5 /8-inch (76.2 x 15.9 mm) thick (uncompressed) and available in lengths of 4 feet (1 219 mm).


Insultech™ insulated masonry and veneer wall units described in Section 4.0 of this report are packaged with a label noting the manufacturer’s name (Oldcastle Architectural), address, product name (Insultech™), the approved inspection agency (Quality Control Consultants – QCC), and evaluation report number (ER-420). Either UES Mark of Conformity may be used as shown below: or IAPMO ER-420


Data in accordance with applicable sections of IAPMO Uniform ES EC 021-2014, Evaluation Criteria for Anchored Masonry Veneer System with Polystyrene Foam Plastic Backing; manufacturer’s descriptive literature and installation instructions; engineering study for compliance with the 2015 IBC. Test results are from laboratories in compliance with ISO/IEC 17025.

Report of air leakage testing in accordance with ASTM E283.

Insultech™ insulated masonry wall units are manufactured in Morris, Illinois, under a quality control program with inspections.


Oldcastle Architectural
900 Ashwood Parkway, Suite 600
Atlanta, GA 30338


This evaluation report describes the results of research carried out by IAPMO Uniform Evaluation Service on Oldcastle Architectural’s Insultech™ pre-assembled insulated masonry and veneer wall units for use as structural masonry, insulation and veneer to assess conformance to the codes and standards shown in Section 1.0 of this report and documents the product’s certification. 

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