Founders Finish

  • The aesthetic appeal of traditional clay brick, but single-wythe masonry at a cost-effective price point
  • One-step installation with cost similar to a CMU application
  • Exceeds compressive strength requirements of ASTM C-90
  • Fade resistant composition
  • Integral water-resistant polymer
  • May be insulated using same insulation materials used in standard CMU wall construction

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About Founders Finish

Founders Finish offers all the benefits of Quik-Brik with a unique striated finish to give your project a special aesthetic. Because Founders-Brik is concrete masonry, it’s durable enough to stand the test of time. Founders-Brik offers the benefit of one-step installation, along with the rich look of brick masonry with a unique finish .

Shapes & Sizes

Quik brik spec

Founder's Finish

4 x 4 x 16
8 x 4 x 16
12 x 4 x 16

*All dimensions displayed in inches as width x height x length
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