Water Repellent Admixture

  • Water repellent process that has proven results
  • Helps control moisture in masonry
  • Measurable content with guaranteed satisfaction
  • Save time & money
  • May be added to a number of Oldcastle CMUs and mortar
Amerimix 2

About Water Repellent Admixture

Oldcastle offers a patented masonry water repellant through industry partners. Our superior flexible grout admixture can be added to our concrete masonry block and mortar during the blending phase, which hinders water from penetrating the structure of your building. The Water Repellant Admixture, our specially engineered formula, creates a moisture barrier that will last the life of the building.


Ask your architectural representative for more information and specifics on available water repellent admixtures.

Pair With: Multiple Masonry Units