EnduraMax® High Performance Wall System

  • Complete wall system approach
  • Increased energy efficiency
  • Moisture management
  • Sound reduction for acoustical comfort
  • Can be paired with most Oldcastle masonry units including Trenwyth, Quik-Brik and select Artisan Veneers
  • High end aesthetics available
  • Unique design may cut installation time by up to 20%

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About EnduraMax® High Performance Wall System

Every component of the EnduraMax® High-Performance Wall System is specifically engineered to work together, forming an energy efficient concrete block that is the ideal building material and cladding solution. The complete stone veneer wall system offers an insulation value of R9.2 steady state. This extra layer of thermal protection means building owners can benefit from a cladding system that helps meet and exceed today’s demanding energy codes. This product is certified by the Florida Department of Business & Professional Regulation, #FL 27462.

Continuing Education

Lunch and Learn

Excellence in Single Wythe Masonry (LU/HSW)

CEU Credits: 1 LU | HSW

When properly constructed, single-wythe masonry walls offer a myriad of benefits that no other building material can touch from fire to moisture protection, durability to aesthetics, and cost-effective installation This presentation covers how to properly construct a wall using proper design techniques focusing on the prevention of moisture, cracking, and cleaning issues in order to take full advantage of the benefits of masonry construction.

After completing this course, attendees will be able to:
Understand why and where masonry walls begin to crack. 
Understand updates to energy codes in relation to single-wythe wall design 
Plan and design a sound single-wythe wall. 
Eliminate unnecessary repairing and cleaning of masonry walls.
This course is applicable to all structural masonry product lines except veneers.
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Lunch and Learn

Concrete Masonry Walls for Mold and Moisture Prevention (LU/HSW)

CEU Credits: 1 LU | HSW

Protecting the building’s envelope from water penetration is critical to the architect and design team. This program addresses the specific detail measures that can contribute to a successfully designed building which will help prevent water penetration.

After completing this course, attendees will be able to: 
Identify successful methods in detailing masonry so that moisture and mold are minimized in building design. 
Describe sustainable efforts to eradicate mold and moisture in building design. 
Explain what mold is, and how it develops in buildings.
Discuss and diagnose with architects the moisture problems that have occurred in their projects.
This course is applicable to all masonry product lines.
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Lunch and Learn

IECC Energy Review and Masonry Compliance Options (LU/HSW)

CEU Credits: 1 LU | HSW

The International Energy Construction Code is leading the charge for increasingly stringent energy code requirements across the nation, requiring ongoing adaptation of design strategies. 

This course reviews exterior envelope R-Value requirements and masonry wall compliance options in regards to the latest IECC code as well as several competitive building materials. We will review evolving exterior wall R-value requirements, explore the definition and impact of continuous insulation (CI), and present design opportunities for innovative wall systems that meet and exceed IECC performance standards.

After completing this course, attendees will be able to: 
Understand IECC requirements for exterior walls. 
Describe the principles behind continuous insulation (CI).
Develop effective specifications that incorporate continuous insulation into masonry systems. 
Understand the benefits and limitations of “new” & “old” wall systems.
Effectively apply this knowledge to future projects in order to meet increasingly aggressive energy performance goals.
This course is applicable to all masonry product lines, especially for InsulTech and EnduraMax
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Lunch and Learn

Green Building Design with Concrete Masonry Units (LU/HSW)

CEU Credits: 1 LU | HSW

Green building strategies – in accordance with or independent of LEED standards – continue to rise in importance across all building types.
This course will discuss the green building and sustainable design benefits of concrete masonry including life cycle costs, durability, energy performance, and safety. Additionally, the course will detail how building with concrete masonry can contribute to specific LEED credits, and to the health, safety, and indoor comfort of the occupant.
After completing this course, attendees will be able to: 
Become familiar with the ways in which concrete masonry can potentially contribute to economical and sustainable building practices. 
Identify concrete masonry's inherent sustainable qualities. 
Identify changes to LEED in relation to specifying concrete masonry.
Explain how concrete masonry can prevent the growth of mold in the building.
This course is applicable to all masonry products.
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Lunch and Learn

Masonry and Leed v4.1 (LU/HSW)

CEU Credits: 1 LU 

Sustainable design and green building are ever-evolving, with the latest version, LEED v4.1 introduced in 2019. 

This course will explore the latest modifications to the LEED standard, with a particular emphasis on masonry compliance and contribution. Developed by LEED expert Christine A. Subasic, P.E., LEED A.P., the course will introduce attendees to sustainable design and provide an overview of the LEED Rating System, and its credit categories, with a particular emphasis on Materials and Resources, as well as covering criteria and considerations used in selecting masonry products for LEED projects.

After completing this course, attendees will be able to: 
Understand the changes in the Materials and Resources credit category in LEED v4. 
Identify elements of sustainable design that are not always part of green building rating systems. 
Provide an overview of the LEED v4.1 BD+C New Construction Rating System. 
Explain sustainable design strategies and LEED strategies that utilize masonry.
This course is applicable to all masonry products.
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Lunch and Learn

Designing with Masonry for a Healthier, Safer Building Environment (LU/HSW)

CEU Credits: 1 LU | HSW

Masonry delivers a variety of benefits to occupants and designers alike including being highly environmentally-friendly due to its durability and reduced embodied energy compared to other structural building materials. 

This course will discuss ASTM specification classifications, as well as the various texture, pattern and color variations offered by masonry. Additionally, the course will review the environmental contributions that masonry offers the architect including the prevention of moisture and mold in construction projects and protentional LEED credits.

After completing this course, attendees will be able to: 
Identify the performance characteristics of the various types of architectural masonry. 
Understand different ASTM Classifications and how these affect the architect's specification of concrete masonry. 
Discuss the proper detailing of concrete masonry to prevent moisture intrusion. 
Explain the LEED rating system and how masonry plays a part in achieving LEED certification.
This course is applicable to all masonry product lines.
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Lunch and Learn

Controlling Moisture in Masonry (LU)

CEU Credits: 1 LU | HSW

Moisture intrusion is a leading cause of structural damage across all building types, and a leading threat to occupant health and wellbeing.

This presentation will cover masonry solutions that deliver superior moisture control and an environmentally sound structure. We will cover proper flashing and masonry installation strategies, discuss water repellant admixture advances for both block and mortars, and review the advantages of complete masonry systems to mitigate water penetration and provide backup moisture management.

After completing this course, attendees will be able to: 
Discuss flashing and other proper masonry installation strategies to manage moisture in a masonry wall. 
Explain the advantages of complete masonry systems that mitigate water penetration and provide backup moisture management. 
Describe water repellent admixture advances and uses in concrete block and mortar that help control moisture and meet green building codes. 
Specify a masonry solution that delivers superior moisture control and an environmentally sound structure.
This course is applicable to all masonry product lines.
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In The Field

High performance wall systems can do many jobs in a single assembly with moisture control, and high R-values while meeting local codes." Modern Masonry Vol. 1 Issue 2 Read More

Technical Data

Meeting a Higher Standard

EnduraMax’s continuous insulation barrier is an ideal way to meet Energy Star’s strict energy performance score requirements. The superior thermal performance of this building material will contribute to eligibility for a Designed to Earn the Energy Star (DEES) certification. With the help of the EnduraMax Wall, you can truly distinguish a building by being able to meet this prestigious standard for energy efficiency.

  • Moisture Management
    As a total cladding solution, the EnduraMax System integrates all components necessary to achieve superior moisture management (based on independent tests). Channels in the front and back drain any water that may infiltrate the wall, protecting the structure from damage over a long lifetime of moisture exposure.
  • Sound Proofing
    The foam panels have an STC rating of 51 (based on independent tests) – meaning even extremely loud sounds such as a stereo, lawn mower or traffic are only faintly heard. This enhanced acoustical comfort means occupants can enjoy their space in peace
  • Wind Rating
    The EnduraMax stone veneer wall is tough enough to withstand the harshest environments. It’s been proven to resist wind speeds of more than 110 mph (ASTM E330) with no lasting deformation. The heavy EnduraMax system essentially eliminates the risk of costly damage experienced with lighter-weight veneers
  • Fire Resistance
    EnduraMax meets NFPA 285 and ASTM E119 fire resistance criteria. Tested walls successfully withstood one hour of exposure to temperatures of more than 1,700°F.


Cross-Section of the Specially Designed EnduraMax Anchor System

EnduraMax™ Wall System consists of three essential elements that combine to deliver unmatched performance & beauty to your project.

  1. Foam Installation Panels
    • Polystyrene insulation panels include premolded cells on the outside face, which form the pattern for installing masonry units.
    • Drainage channels in the front and back of each panel allow any water that infiltrates the wall to escape.
  2. Masonry Units
    • Masonry units insert easily into cells of the foam panels for quick installation
    • Stone, clay and concrete brick options offer unique aesthetically pleasing designs.
  3. EnduraMax Mortar
    • A pre-blended, proprietary mortar that complies with  ASTM C270 enhances pumpability, bond strength,  flexibility and dimensional stability.


EnduraMax Wall Detail in 2x4 and 2x6 Construction

As codes continue to move toward tougher building envelope standards, the superior thermal performance of EnduraMax concrete blocks enables you to exceed increasingly stringent R-Value requirements without having to add additional exterior insulation or build larger wall cavities.

EnduraMax may be installed on metal frame or wood frame buildings up to climate zone 6. Zones 7 and 8 may also be addressed by evaluating the building characteristics and installation details.

EnduraMax® High Performance Wall System Resources