Masonry Performance Upgrade Options

Acoustic, Aesthetic & Energy Efficient Solutions


Elevate your next masonry project with one of Echelon’s performance upgrade options. From oversized masonry units that produce a classic aesthetic, to insulated concrete blocks that improve energy efficiency, to acoustical concrete masonry units (CMUs) that dampen sound in large spaces, learn how you can take your project to the next level.

The performance upgrade options for our masonry products focus on five primary areas: energy efficiency, aesthetic enhancement, sustainability, moisture management and architectural acoustics/soundproofing.

Acousta-Wal Sound Absorbing Masonry Units


Acoust-Wal® sound-absorbing masonry units are your acoustical and aesthetic solution in one product. Whether it’s a school gym, lecture hall or performance arts center, Acousta-Wal is your indoor/outdoor solution to sound absorption and control. Its unique design controls sound transmission as it absorbs sound at all frequencies, even the difficult-to-control low frequencies.

Shapes and Sizes

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Echelon Masonry’s EnduraMax Wall System

EnduraMax® High Performance Wall System

Every component of the EnduraMax® High-Performance Wall System is specifically engineered to work together, forming a total cladding solution that adds superior energy performance. The complete system offers an insulation value of R9.2 steady state. This extra layer of thermal protection means building owners can benefit from a cladding system that helps meet and exceed today’s demanding energy codes.


  • Enduramax clay brick autumn oak
  • Enduramax clay brick crimson maple
  • Enduramax clay brick frosted pepper
  • Enduramax clay brick plum royale
  • Enduramax clay brick spiced apple
  • Enduramax morency light granite
  • Enduramax morency mossy grove
  • + 2

Shapes and Sizes

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Filled & Polished and High Polished Masonry Units

Filled & Polished and High Polished Masonry

Change the aesthetics of your next project by adding Oldcastle’s filled and polished or high polished options to your architectural block or CMU. This performance upgrade option allows you to maintain all the benefits of a pre-finished architectural concrete masonry unit—one step installation, maintenance-free and easy-to-clean—but with the look of a smooth terrazzo finish!

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InsulTech Insulation Block from Echelon Masonry

InsulTech System™

InsulTech™ ICMU is a complete thermally-broken, continuous-insulated masonry system which includes a full complement of masonry units. Insultech offers high thermal efficiency in an innovative design combining a pre-assembled structural masonry unit, molded EPS insulation insert and thin veneer face. It provides design flexibility, installation efficiency and is available in both standard finishes as well as Trenwyth® colors and textures.


  • Insultech blended colors coppertone
  • Insultech blended colors promenade blend
  • Insultech blended colors richfield blend
  • Insultech mesastone belvidere
  • Insultech mesastone bloomington
  • Insultech mesastone butterfield
  • Insultech blended colors boston blend
  • + 8

Shapes and Sizes

  • Insultech 16 inch face with profiled insert for first row and bond beam
  • Insultech 8 inch bond beam unit
  • First row l corner facing right
  • Insultech closed end stretcher unit
  • Insultech corner block unit left right for first row
  • Insultech double sash unit
  • Insultech foam insert
  • + 23

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Monumental Concrete Masonry Units: Over-Sized CMUs from Echelon

Monumental CMU

Monumental Series over-sized masonry units are large, specialty sized pre-finished architectural concrete masonry units used to create large-scale walls, columns and arches of monumental proportion. These units are constructed from integrally colored concrete with one or more faces ground to expose the variegated colors of the natural aggregates.

Shapes and Sizes

  • Monumental spec 416f
  • Monumental spec 412f24
  • Monumental spec 4f24
  • Monumental spec 412f12
  • Monumental spec 8f18
  • Monumental spec keystone unit
  • Monumental spec 416f24
  • + 16

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