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Join us bi-weekly for AIA-accredited webinars on modern solutions to the most pressing challenges in architecture, presented by experts from across the industry. From specification support to site planning to strategies to optimize the health and wellness of your occupants and beyond, APG U sessions offer up knowledge you need to succeed – and the LU and HSW credits you need to stay current.


Check out the current block of webinars below:


September 10, 1:00p ET: Utilizing Energy Efficient Details in Masonry Wall Specifications (1LU|HSW)

  • Ensuring compliance with increasingly stringent energy codes is possibly today’s most pressing architectural challenge. From material choice to detailing strategies, there are a wide array of choices that make a significant impact on performance – both short-term and long-term.


    This course explores the latest edition of the International Energy Conservation Code (IECC) and dives into the comparative performance of masonry versus alternative materials to uncover how masonry can meet – and even exceed – the most demanding energy performance requirements..

September 24, 1:00p ET: Making the Right Choice: Window Wall, Curtain Wall or Storefront? (1LU|HSW)

  • All glass is not created equal – and knowing what sets different systems apart is critical to designing and specifying the right solution for your project.


    This course explores three common types of glazing systems and discusses the pros and cons of each in terms of moisture mitigation, energy efficiency, structural requirements, installation methods, and sound performance. 


    Join experts from Oldcastle Building Envelope to learn more about through the world of fenestration, including strategies to avoid potentially dangerous post-installation failures.


October 8, 1:00p ET APG + MIT Urban Planning + Sustainability Series #1: Concrete’s Sustainable Impact (1LU|HSW)

  • The first of four special sessions in partnership with the MIT Concrete Sustainability Hub and Portland Cement Association (PCA) exploring the multifaceted benefits of concrete and masonry construction. 


    Presented by a cross-disciplinary team of materials scientists, infrastructure experts, engineers and economists, these courses will explore how concrete and masonry contribute to superior sustainability, help to minimize climate impacts due to the urban heat island effect, deliver resiliency in the face of natural and man-made disaster, and maximize energy efficiency.


    Join us for these once-a-month Special Sessions for expert insights on putting concrete and masonry to work in elevating design, enhancing performance and positively impacting the entire built environment.

October 22, 1:00p ET: Geosynthetic Reinforced Soil-Integrated Bridge Systems (1LU|HSW)

  • With the nation’s roadway infrastructure continuing to deteriorate, there is more demand than ever for cost-effective road and bridge construction methods. 


    Join experts from Oldcastle APG to explore one of the most innovative solutions available today: geosynthetic reinforced soil-integrated bridge systems, or GRS-IBS.


    This course introduces the GRS-IBS solution that eliminates driven piles and poured concrete by building the bridge structure direly on a reinforced subsoil mass using similar methods as segmental retaining walls (SRW), a new technique that promises to revolutionize the speed and cost efficiency of bridge construction.


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