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Join us monthly for AIA-accredited webinars on modern solutions to the most pressing challenges in architecture, presented by experts from across the industry. From specification support to site planning to strategies to optimize the health and wellness of your occupants and beyond, APG U sessions offer up knowledge you need to succeed – and the LU and HSW credits you need to stay current.


Check out the current block of webinars below. A number of previous APGU courses have also been recorded and are available within the

Oldcastle APG Continuing Education Portal for on-demand learning purposes.



July 14th – The Roadmap to Carbon Neutrality  (1 LU | HSW))

The construction industry is making strides in the race to address climate change – and more sustainable manufacture and use of concrete is at the forefront.


Join Portland Cement Association’s Jamie Farny as he walks through the PCA’s Roadmap to Carbon Neutrality 2050 to understand the emerging technologies needed to meet these goals, with a particular focus on the transition to Portland-Limestone cement (PLC) that’s already making an impact today.


August 11th - A New Solution for Bridge Construction: GRS-IBS  (1 LU | HSW)​

With the nation’s roadway infrastructure continuing to deteriorate, there is more demand than ever for cost-effective road and bridge construction methods. 


Join experts from Oldcastle APG to explore one of the most innovative solutions available today: geosynthetic reinforced soil-integrated bridge systems, or GRS-IBS.


This course introduces the GRS-IBS solution that eliminates driven piles and poured concrete by building the bridge structure direly on a reinforced subsoil mass using similar methods as segmental retaining walls (SRW), a new technique that promises to revolutionize the speed and cost efficiency of bridge construction.


September 8th - Masonry Best Practices: Building with Clay Brick (1 LU | HSW)

Brick is a timeless building material with a variety of architectural benefits – and its own unique specification requirements.


Join masonry experts from Oldcastle APG for a detailed look at best practices and relevant standards designed to help you build stronger, more resilient structures. The presentation will cover manufacturing techniques, specification guidelines, flashing/weep details, differential movement, vertical relief, field mock-ups and sampling guidelines – all the information you need to build smarter with brick.


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