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Join us bi-weekly for AIA-accredited webinars on modern solutions to the most pressing challenges in architecture, presented by experts from across the industry. From specification support to site planning to strategies to optimize the health and wellness of your occupants and beyond, APG U sessions offer up knowledge you need to succeed – and the LU and HSW credits you need to stay current.


Check out the current block of webinars below:


July 16, 1:00pm ET: Composite Decking and Sustainable Design (1LU|HSW)

  • Composite decking has made massive strides in recent years, with the newest materials offering unrivaled performance in the harshest conditions: heat, cold, heavy traffic and even underwater. This course will provide a review of new, highly-sustainable manufacturing practices and specification guidelines to help you design higher-performing – and more cost effective – outdoor spaces for residential and commercial projects.

July 30, 1:00p ET: Specifically Pre-Blended Stucco for Superior Performance (1LU|HSW)

  • Stucco is a high-performance cladding system that delivers moisture resistance, durability and aesthetic benefits – when specified and installed correctly. This course will explore several stucco systems and the key design – and specification – elements that separate a quality stucco project from one destined for failure.


    Join us to learn how pre-blended stucco systems can solve many of the challenges caused by "traditional" field blended stuccos, eliminating costly failures and delivering projects that optimize the health, safety and wellness of occupants.

August 13, 1:00p ET: Challenges in Low-to Mid-Rise Construction (1LU|HSW)

  • Steadily loosening building code requirements have made wood-framed construction popular – and more inherently risky than ever before.From the threat of fire to reduced strength to pervasive moisture intrusion, this course will explore the numerous challenges created by wood-framed construction and their root causes in poor detailing, rushed construction and conflicting code requirements.


    Join us to learn about the limitations of wood framing and the design tactics – and alternative materials – that can help you build safer, more resilient structures.

August 27, 1:00p ET: Modern Masonry Using Pre-Blended Mortar (1LU|HSW)

  • Consider this: mortar accounts for 20% of the mass of a carefully-engineered masonry wall, but its on-site production is often anything but precise. With wide variations in ingredient quality to environmental conditions to the skill of the person running the mixer, a single job site can see massive inconsistency in terms of mortar quality and performance – leading to aesthetic and structural deficiencies in your project.


    Join us as we explore how pre-blended mortars solve for those challenges, leading to increased construction efficiency, reduced uncertainty and higher-performing masonry assemblies.


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