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Join us bi-weekly for AIA-accredited webinars on modern solutions to the most pressing challenges in architecture, presented by experts from across the industry. From specification support to site planning to strategies to optimize the health and wellness of your occupants and beyond, APG U sessions offer up knowledge you need to succeed – and the LU and HSW credits you need to stay current.


Check out the current block of webinars below:


Sept 30th, 1:00pm ET: Designing for Moisture Protection in Concrete Masonry Walls (1LU|HSW)

  • The uncontrolled intrusion of moisture into concrete and masonry walls may have costly consequences. There are major benefits of using water repellent concrete masonry admixtures in concrete masonry units and masonry mortar and designing for moisture protection can reduce risk and increase overall performance and workmanship of the building.
  • This course will discuss the effect of water ingress on masonry structure and explain how water repellent chemical admixtures enable the function of a water repellent masonry wall. Also discussed are best practices and some field modification by masons to mortar and how these can positively or negatively impact performance.


October 14th, 1:00pm ET: High Wind Applications for Roof-Top Paver Systems (1LU|HSW)

  • Roof top paver systems have become an integral part of commercial roofing that not only improves the energy efficiency but also increases the life expectancy of the overall roof system. Changes to codes and standards along with recent storm events have brought wind uplift to the forefront as a vital component to roof top paver systems. The industry has developed various methods for addressing wind uplift, and as a result, many factors must be considered when designing and installing roof top paver systems.

  • In this session, experts from Oldcastle APG & Westile will provide a review of changes to ASCE 7 and the International Building Code with regards to wind uplift and its effect on roof top paver systems. Attendees will walk away with an understanding of how roof top pavers allows greater access for roof deck areas, factors that contribute to wind uplift calculations, and methods for securing roof top pavers.

Oct 28th, 1:00pm ET: Ventilated Façade, an Innovative Rainscreen Building Approach (1LU|HSW)

  • Façade cladding, rainscreen, ventilated façade- call it what you want, these systems are considered to be one of the most efficient options for resolving challenges with moisture, eliminating thermal bridges and enhancing energy performance.

  • Join industry experts from Oldcastle APG & Echelon Masonry as we dive into wide range of rainscreen systems and how to effectively design with each. We will explore how to enhance thermal performance, meet required energy compliance standards, and enhance the health, safety, and wellness of your occupants -not to mention the aesthetics of your projects most effectively.

Nov 11th, 1:00pm ET: Cost Effective Design with Masonry (1LU|HSW)

  • According to recent cost comparison studies, concrete masonry has a competitive initial cost with wood construction and is more cost-effect over time.  Architects are challenged when creating a design balancing resiliency, aesthetics, and construction cost. How do you create a strong structure on budget without sacrificing the design values clients want?

  • In this course, experts from Oldcastle APG & Echelon Masonry will outline the aesthetic opportunities with masonry materials that not only create a great project but build a safer project. In this session we will contrast the differences and interaction of masonry structural materials during the specification process and gain a working knowledge of masonry specifications and their effect on aesthetic and structural performance of a project.

Dec 2nd, 1:00pm ET: Modern Masonry: Fire Protection and Enhanced Performance​ (1LU|HSW)

  • Fire safety is one of the paramount responsibilities of architects and developers, and it is dependent on careful selection of materials and proper design. Deficits in either area may result in a building fire, which can be a dramatic and devastating event, often incurring extensive property damage and, unfortunately, loss of human life.

  • This course will describe masonry’s inherent characteristics and how the material has been improved in order to withstand the threat of damage from fire, moisture, and mold, meeting today's stringent code requirements and performance standards. Also discussed will be masonry's architectural options to meet pleasing contemporary design standards.

Dec 16th 1:00pm ET: Porcelain Pavers: Applications and Use​ (1LU|HSW)

  • Outdoor porcelain pavers have many benefits. They are frost-resistant, skid-resistant, durable, easy-to-clean and have incredibly high breakage loads (up to 2200 lb) creating the perfect solution for gardens, terraces, and high traffic outdoor areas. Outdoor porcelain pavers can be dry laid onto grass, gravel, dirt and sand – or onto terraces and roofs using raised supports – without grout, adhesives or specialized workers, making installation incredibly easy.
  • Join experts from Belgard Commercial and Mirage USA as they will provide an overview of the manufacturing process of porcelain pavers, explain various installation methods, and discuss how porcelain pavers can contribute to today’s green building programs.

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