Masonry iQ for Architectural Revit Modeling


The built environment is suffering because current architectural modeling tools simply arent up to the task of modeling, detailing and visualizing masonry construction.

Now there's a solution: Masonry iQ.

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Better design. Faster detailing. Unlimited potential. Free of charge.


The powerful masonry Revit plugin revolutionizes your ability to model faster, estimate earlier and take advantage of all of the benefits of masonry you've been missing - and is now available free of charge from your local Echelon team.

Download the Echelon + Masonry iQ brochure to learn more about the platform. Then click the link below to request a complimentary license and schedule Masonry iQ software onboarding for your firm.

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Want to learn more? Register for our 1 LU | HSW course Modern Masonry Solutions for BIM to see Masonry iQ in action and learn how Echelon + Masonry iQ can help you reinvent the way you build.


Video Transcription

Welcome to Masonry iQ, a true BIM solution for masonry! Now, without leaving Revit, it’s possible to automatically create patterns, render materials, and produce contract document details. Masonry iQ uses a singular data model guaranteeing continuity throughout your design, making you more productive and freeing you to be creative. With a few clicks you’ll have the power to:

  • Create custom patterns
  • Produce automated sections in plan view details
  • Audit masonry layout for modularity and field cuts
  • Validate the relationship of fenestration to patterns
  • Manage joint movement joint locations.

Our approach delivers the speed, accuracy, and flexibility that your work demands. Masonry iQ empowers you to render masonry like never before. Drag and drop content from local producers to quickly create photo realistic digital mockups inside of Revit. You can now see the patterns, colors, and textures that you’re specifying in seconds. Allowing you to play with the unlimited variety that these materials have to offer. Designing with masonry will never be the same again. If you are ready to experience a new level of freedom and creativity, you’re ready for Masonry iQ. Masonry iQ, a true BIM solution for masonry.