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Following the success of Belgard’s porcelain pavers, Echelon Veneers by Mirage brings the richness, beauty, and durability of porcelain to a vertical wall solution and coordinate with several Belgard porcelain paver colors for inspiring design options.

Crafted by Italian artisans, Echelon Veneers by Mirage goes above and beyond typical porcelain with strength and durability and set a new standard for modern masonry design.

They have the same benefits as regular porcelain, so they are frost-resistant, durable and easy to clean. The veneers are resistant to alkalis, acids and chemical agents. Their high density and ultra-low absorption rate creates a tight surface, which allows the veneers to fend o surface mold, moss, dirt and other types of stains found in exterior applications. Clean-up is easy with normal detergent-based cleaners or even pressure-washing.

The veneers are available in thicknesses ranging from .30 – .60 inches and in sizes of 4×18 inches nominal, making them perfect for vertical applications such as interior/ outdoor walls and wall coverings.

They also allow the designer to customize the pattern variation: Levels V1 and V2 offer a more uniform or slight variation in appearance, while Levels V3 and V4 offer a moderate to substantial variation. The various levels offer designers the chance to create their own signature design and deliver instant depth to a living space, commercial property or business setting.