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The Home of the San Francisco 49ers uses Amerimix

Levi’s Stadium, located in Santa Clara, California, is the home of the San Francisco 49ers, future host to Super Bowl 50 in 2016, and widely considered the “next generation” of stadium design. When it came to the construction of this new stadium, concrete masonry was chosen for its versatility, durability and structural qualities. Basalite concrete products provided all the concrete masonry units (CMU) and pre-blended Amerimix mortars used in this project. Amerimix Type S Mortar was used underneath the stadium for corridors, locker rooms, storage and mechanical rooms, and even a detention area for rowdy fans. Amerimix Water Repellent Mortar (WRM) with RainBloc GP was selected for use in the architectural ground face blocks for an exterior wall.

Amerimix WRM with RainBloc GP is also part of the total RainBloc® system. When used with concrete masonry units that contain RainBloc, it creates a wall system with superior moisture resistance. A revolution in the industry, RainBloc GP is a patented additive that is factory-blended in the Amerimix Water Repellent Mortar. It is the only water repellent agent that is traceable and measurable in the hardened mortar, verifying that the exact proportions for optimal water resistance are included in every bag. Amerimix WRM with RainBloc GP has also been proven to maintain the normal bond strength and board life of the mortar.

“The masons preferred the Amerimix mortar because it was not as coarse as other local brands and had longer board life,” said Chuck Wood, estimator and project manager of Bratton Masonry of Fresno California for Levi Stadium. Amerimix was submitted as preferable over other preblended brands by the contractor due to the qualities noted by Mr. Wood, who has a long history using Amerimix products.

San Fransisco 49ers Stadium: Amerimix

Just as Levi’s Stadium is redefining what a stadium can be with solar panels and a green roof, Amerimix is redefining what is possible in masonry construction. It only makes sense that a next-generation sporting arena would be constructed using mortars that have been engineered to withstand the test of time and the elements, remaining strong for years to come.

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