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Echelon Masonry, Amerimix and Jewell Plays a Role in Construction of Iconic New Stadium at Baylor University

With Baylor’s football program on the upswing, the university invested in a new, state-of-the-art stadium that was completed to begin the 2014 season. Located on the Brazos River and directly adjacent to the I-35 Corridor, McLane Stadium serves not only as the front door to Baylor University, but also as the east anchor of downtown Waco. The $266-million stadium is a multifunctional facility that hosts worldclass music, family and sporting events throughout the year in addition to Baylor University football.

Echelon, Amerimix and Jewell partnered on the project supplying block on both the interior and on the concourses, bathrooms, and concessions. Specialty custom block “supplied by Echelon” was used on the exterior wainscot along with custom colored mortar designed specifically for the job. The mortar for the entire project, including the interior and exterior brick, was supplied by Amerimix. Quality Brick Works from Robinson, Texas performed the installation.

“This was a very high-profile project on a facility that was not only important to Baylor University, but also the entire city of Waco since it’s essentially part of the city’s downtown,” said Quality Brick Works owner James Traylor. “One of the reasons why “Echelon & Amerimix” was such a good fit was the high-quality of its product combined with the ability to consistently match the mortar color across the entire project.”

Echelon® High-Polished Architectural CMU was specified by the architect along with a distinct red brick. Since Amerimix is pre-blended, it eliminates any room for human error and provides a consistent product that looks the same and performs the same throughout the project. The mason was also pleased to work with one company to provide all of the mortar, which enhanced logistics and project flow, and offered a single source to guarantee the quality of the product. “When you work on an extremely high-profile project like McLane Stadium you are center stage and if something’s not right you know about it very quickly,” said Traylor. “Both Echelon & Amerimix have quality products that gives us the confidence to do our work and not have to think twice about the mortar.” As with most stadium projects, there was a finite deadline due to the impending first game of the season. Echelon, Amerimix helped the construction team Quality Brick Works easily meet its deadline so the capacity crowd could enjoy the Bears’ history-making opening game on August 31, 2014.

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