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October 19, 2018



Brian Wyatt, AIA, project manager and architect with KSA Engineers of McKinney, Texas, has a strong professional background that includes architecture, construction, land surveying, facility planning, and geographical information systems. He has worked on a diverse range of projects, specializing in assembly, educational and healthcare design.

This spring, a new 40,000 sq. ft. commercial development opened in McKinney, Texas. While just months old, Harvard Park at Tucker Hill’s appearance makes it look as if it could be part of one of the many historic downtowns found throughout North Dallas. The property sits between the two main entrances of Tucker Hill, a new home community, and fulfills the developer’s vision of a Traditional Neighborhood Development concept whereby there are merchants within walking or biking distance.

“When the adjacent Tucker Hill residential development was built, it was done so with deed restrictions that required the future retail space to have a 1930s downtown- type feel,” explains Wyatt. “We had to design Harvard Park to t that historic feel, with the appearance of five or six separate storefronts. The masonry we chose was critical to our achieving that look.”

KSA chose brick for the primary façade material and interspersed Echelon’s Franklin Stone and Cordova Stone to create the appearance of separate, connected storefronts roughly every 25 feet.

“The Franklin Stone was a big help. It has that historic look that fits in well with the desired old downtown image. Both Franklin and Cordova worked well with all the brick coursing.” – BRIAN WYATT


Deed restrictions required that McKinney’s Historic Architecture Review Panel review Harvard Park at Tucker Hill during various phases of planning and construction.

“The Echelon materials went through this stringent historic review process, which went seamlessly. There were no surprises, which is always a benefit.” – BRIAN WYATT


KSA also specified Amerimix mortar, part of the Echelon Masonry portfolio, with RainBloc® Integrated Water Repellant System. Echelon’s RainBloc is a premier system that provides continuous moisture protection with fully-integrated water repellency technologies factory- engineered into both the masonry and mortar.

“Adding moisture protection whenever possible is just good practice,” says Wyatt.

The building now houses the offices of two real estate firms, attorneys, a bank, and two restaurants. There is also a shaded, roof-top meeting space.

This article first appeared in Modern Masonry Vol. 3, Issue 2. Read the full issue here.

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