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August 14, 2018


A new, luxury apartment community, Waterford at Frisco marries the elements of a modern urban lifestyle with the very specific aesthetic the City of Frisco, Texas requires. The project’s developers, Stoneleigh Construction, of Barrington, Illinois, chose Oldcastle Echelon’s Cordova Stone to provide the look and quality they needed for this project. Amerimix mortar with RainBloc® also was used to make sure the building would be up to Stoneleigh’s standards for longevity.

RainblocRainBloc bonds to the capillary pores of the CMU and mortar inhibiting water from migrating through the block.

“These products just make for a better building,” says Ryan Swingruber, VP of development for Stoneleigh Construction.

Waterford at Frisco is part of the City’s master plan for growth. Within that plan, however is a strict architectural standard.

“We chose Cordova because it fits Frisco’s requirement for high-quality masonry on 80 percent of the building’s facade.” – Ryan Swingruber

He notes his team also liked that the Echelon products help them reduce two of their biggest concerns in multi-family housing, exposure to water and noise.

“Water leaks, and the potential for mold that goes with them, can affect multiple units because apartments are stacked on top of one another,” says Swingruber. “Moisture penetration can be costly and harmful to residents’ health. In terms of noise, the Cordova stone is a more substantial product, so it helps reduce outside noise. This can be particularly important when there’s a concert or game next door at Toyota Stadium.”

Waterford at Frisco is expected to be ready for occupancy December of 2018

This article first appeared in Modern Masonry Volume 3 Issue 1. Read the full issue here.

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