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Echelon Masonry products are manufactured regionally in order to deliver the best prices and lead times.

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Echelon Masonry products have been updates to highlight products available to that region.


ECLAD Attachment Systems for Ventilated Facades


With over 25 years of experience in exterior carrying systems, ECLAD is a pioneer in innovative, pre-engineered aluminum grid systems.

  • Fast, economic installation for timeline efficiencies
  • Compatible with a variety of panel material and sizes
  • Installation accuracy with architectural flexibility
  • Hidden kerf for a clean aesthetic
  • Proven track record in seismic regions



Ideal for both new builds and re-clad projects

  • Designed for cladding over many types of structural elements, such as steel or wood framing, concrete masonry units, or precast concrete
  • Allows expansion and movement to help mitigate environmental stresses and building load
  • Accomodates construction tolerances and improves installation efficiency



Fully engineered alternative to traditional wall systems. Contact your Echelon Sales Representative for project scope requirements.

  • Independent, fully integrated wall solution that spans from floor to floor (no back-up wall required)
  • Allows expansion and movement to help mitigate environmental stresses and building load
  • Accommodates construction tolerances in all directions
  • Thermally broken mullions to improve thermal efficiency

Mirage® Collection Thin Porcelain Wall Panels

Mirage porcelain panels include a fiber mesh reinforcement for added safety with facade cladding panel applications. 



Mirage Type Mirage Ideal Mirage Absolute Mirage Sharkskin

Mirage Mantle Mirage Mountains Mirage Glacier Mirage Sandshell

Mirage Romantic Mirage Sunset Mirage Resia  Mirage Lumnezia

Mirage Bourgogne Mirage Iceberg Mirage Graphite Mirage Daylight

Mirage Shade Variation

V1-Uniform appearance: Minimal to no difference among pieces.
V2-Slight Variation: Distinguishable differences in texture and/or pattern with similar colors.
V3-Moderate Variation: Though the colors present in a single piece may indicate the color patterns to be expected on other tiles, the amount of colors on each piece may vary significantly.
V4-High Variation: Random color variation from piece to piece, so that one paver may have a totally different color from the other pavers. Thus, the final installation will be unique.

Cordova Collection Concrete Panels


Contact your local Echelon Sales Representative to learn more about available surface finish options for additional design versatility.

Cordova Stone - Alabaster, Buff, Graphite

Cordova Stone - Granite, Limestone, Midnight

Contact local Echelon Representative for available sizes.

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Echelon Ventilated Facade offer a best-in-class cladding solution from a single-source supplier with dedicated project support from design through installation. Echelon proudly partnered with ECLAD, a pioneer in innovative, pre-engineered aluminum grid systems. With over 25 years of experience in exterior cladding, E-clad systems offer fast, economic, and flexible installation for timeline efficiencies. ECLAD’s unique innovative system accommodates construction tolerances in all directions and allows adjustability for on-site corrective action. The versatile system accommodates structural movements while maintaining all of the aesthetic attributes visually. ECLAD systems feature a hidden curve for a clean-finish aesthetic and are compatible with a variety of panels, materials, and sizes. The ECLAD ESV system is designed for cladding over various structural elements such as concrete masonry, precast, steel, or even wood framing. It is ideal for both new build and reclad projects. The ECLAD ESW system is an independent fully integrated wall solution that spans from floor to floor, offering a unique alternative to traditional wall construction. Your Echelon sales representative will help evaluate your project’s needs with the ECLAD engineers to ensure optimal system selection based on design goals, lead-time, and project budget. Both ECLAD systems accommodate our curated selection of beautiful, large-format panel options to achieve the desired aesthetic. The Mirage porcelain collection offers the durability of a porcelain panel with fiber mesh reinforcement for added safety with facade applications. Achieve a stylish contemporary finish with on-trend colors in concrete, stone, or wood-look options. Cordova collection concrete panels are available in a variety of classic and contemporary colors and texture options delivering unlimited design creativity. Whether recladding an existing structure or designing a totally new architectural marvel, your Echelon sales representative is available to help guide the project from start to finish. Simplify the design and procurement process for your exterior cladding project with Echelon ventilated facade.