Fluted Block

  • Highly durable product 
  • May be integrally colored 
  • May include water repellant admixtures for moisture management 
  • Available in multiple shapes and sizes 
  • Manufactured locally 
  • Ask about ability to add pre-consumer recycled content

Product Colors

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About Fluted Block

The rugged yet streamlined look of Echelon’s Fluted Block standard masonry is accomplished by using a mold with the desired fluted characteristics. Fluted concrete block, or fluted brick, often includes vertical scores and is molded with two concrete block units attached face to face. The fluted block standard masonry units are mechanically split apart using the same process as our Split Face block and so have all the visual effects of Split Face masonry. Echelon’s Fluted Block masonry units are available in a wide variety of styles, sizes, and colors are suitable for use in a vast range of CMU applications.

Performance Upgrade Options