William Allen High School – Astra-Glaze SW+

William Allen High School Constructed Using Astra-Glaze SW+ Concrete Masonry Blocks (CMUs)

Allentown, PA

Mitch Miller, AIA, CCS had two goals in mind when he began specifications for the new four-story Ninth Grade Center for his alma mater, William Allen High School: LEED® Certification and showcasing Canary pride. Miller turned to TRENWYTH® by Oldcastle to accomplish both.

Using TRENWYTH ASTRA-GLAZE SW+®, Miller was able to color match the school mascot's signature blue, creating a striking exterior and encouraging school spirit while also attaining Silver LEED certification. ASTRA-GLAZE SW+ by TRENWYTH contributes to LEED credits in recycled content, energy efficiency and regional production.

The state-of-the-art 107,000 square foot facility is designed to host the high school's 800+ ninth graders and contribute to the ever growing school community. With a modern design that includes a completely green vegetated roof, the Ninth Grade Center represents a giant leap into the future for the largest school in Allentown, PA.

Architect Firm: USA Architects, Planners + Interior Designers
Principal Architect: Armand Christopher, Jr., AIA
Project Manager: James Petro, AIA, CDT
Associate/Director of Specification: Mitch Miller, AIA, CCS
General Contractor: Alvin H. Butz
Masonry Contractor: Eshbach Brothers
Project Team: Joy Cohen, AIA, CDT; Eric Delong, AIA; Nathan Fehnel; Ray Boyce, CDT; Severine Rennie, LEED, AP

Featured Product >> Trenwyth® Astra-Glaze-SW+®

ASTRA-GLAZE-SW+ glazed units are pre-faced architectural concrete masonry blocks that have a thermoset glazing compound permanently molded to one or more faces. This glazing compound is cured and heat-treated in gas-fired tunnel kilns, thus becoming an integral part of the unit. Available in nearly 100 designer colors, TRENWYTH's specialized manufacturing processes ensure dimensional uniformity of the glazed facing regardless of minor variations in the block. In addition, custom color matching capabilities and a wide variety of shapes and scoring patterns provide the ultimate in design flexibility.

Rigorously tested for numerous environmental hazards, including acid rain, extreme temperature variations, fume exhaust, weathering, and more, the ASTRAGLAZE-SW+ product line conforms to ASTM C90 and ASTM C744 standards and are manufactured with special additives to resist mold and moisture. These graffiti and weather-resistant blocks are virtually maintenance-free with a satin finish that will last a lifetime.