Sykes Chapel (Tampa, FL) – Resale masonry products provided by Oldcastle

Echelon Masonry Products Used in Construction of Sykes Chapel in Tampa, FL

Built to provide a campus gathering place for students of all faiths to pray, meditate and worship their own God, the east, west, and south entrances of the Sykes Chapel were designed to offer the impression of two praying hands reaching towards the sky. Masonry construction included exterior brick veneer and pavers provided by Oldcastle Architectural used in combination with imported granite veneer at the base. A total of 28 arches were installed in the exterior and interior of the project, built using a concealed lintel system. Most of the load-bearing precast were welded to angle supports at steel columns, but some were actually hung and welded to steel supports above, providing an unusual view with the precast stopping flush at the opening.

"The project was an incredible challenge for our masons from start to finish but also a very rewarding experience--especially because of the great customer service from Oldcastle and their attention to detail, including the design and manufacture of the special shapes and insuring the proper blend of face brick to match the surrounding campus buildings," said Devon Brookshire, President of Red Brookshire, masonry contractors.

The project received the 2011 Brick Industry Association "Best in Class" for Houses of Worship and the 2011 Masonry Association of Florida "Project of the Year."

Architect: TVS of Florida Architecture
Lead Designer: Bob Balke
General Contractor: Peter Brown Construction, Inc.
Masonry Contractor: Red Brookshire of Florida, Inc.

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