EnduraMax Case Study – ReVision House & Vision House (Orlando, FL)

GreenBuilder Magazine's ReVision House Built Using EnduraMax Wall System

EnduraMax® is proud to announce their sponsorship of GreenBuilder Magazine's ReVision House™, a Deep Energy Retrofit project of Green Builder Media. This jointventure program has taken an Orlando, FL, home that was below current new-construction standards for energy efficiency and retrofitted it to not only meet current standards, but outperform them by 70%.

"For ReVision, we seek out innovative products that are sustainable and will work in conjunction with other products to deliver a high-performance house," states Craig Coale of Green Builder Media. "Green Builder has a long-standing relationship with Oldcastle and we were excited to showcase EnduraMax."

Approximately 30% of the home's exterior was retro-fitted with EnduraMax Morency Stone Amboise masonry veneer. The patented EnduraMax veneering system has an insulation factor of R-13.5, creating a more energy efficient and acoustically comfortable environment.

"We heard about EnduraMax and decided to look into it," said Kim Foy of Southern Traditions Development,
builders of the ReVISION House. "It's one of the most innovative products we've used. The response to the look and function has been overwhelming, and we love the energy efficiency."

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Vision House: The Model of Sustainable Living

In addition to sponsorship of the ReVision House, EnduraMax was also a participant in Greenbuilder Magazine's VISION House™, a new construction project in Orlando, FL, designed to be the ultimate example in sustainable design and construction. The VISION House incorporates green building techniques to minimize waste and maximize energy efficiency, as well as focusing on the broader aspects of creating a sustainable living environment.

EnduraMax Glen-Gery Autumn Oak brick veneer was used to dress up a covered breezeway, outdoor fireplace and outdoor kitchen area.

EnduraMax Brick Veneer Used for Outdoor Fireplace and Kitchen

"Energy efficiency was not really a factor for this particular application, but we chose EnduraMax because of the look and ease of installation," said builder Kim Foy of Southern Traditions. "We had just used EnduraMax on the ReVISION House and really liked the product. And, we knew it would compliment the overall design of the house. The feedback from people coming to view the house has been amazing."

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