EnduraMax Case Study – Nissel Residential Remodel (Woodsburgh, NY)

Project Highlight:

Residential Remodel - Woodsburgh, NY

Nissel Residential Remodel Featuring EnduraMax Wall System

When Neal Nissel purchased a distressed property in the upscale neighborhood of Woodsburgh, NY, one of the needed improvements included renovating the exterior to enhance curb appeal. By selecting the Morency Stone Collection of the EnduraMax System® by Oldcastle®, he was able to update and improve the look, while at the same time increasing both the energy efficiency and the acoustical comfort of a home that is located in the flight path of nearby JFK International Airport. The EnduraMax System--which includes polystyrene insulation panels that act as a placement guide for the brick or manufactured stone veneer-- increases the insulation value of a home by a value of R-13.5, which allowed the project to qualify for a $1500 Energy Tax Credit*.

To further enhance the exterior of the home and provide a finshed look, EnduraMax stones were also used in a soldier course with keystone embellishments to create decorative frames around each window.

Mason Contractor: MJ Jansen Home Improvement
Product: Morency Stone (Margaux Beige)

*An independently conducted ASTM C1363-05 Thermal Performance Test determined the effective R-Value of the EnduraMax System as R-13.8, taking into consideration the thermal mass benefits of all system components. Due to the resulting reduction in heating loss and heat gain, EnduraMax meets the criteria set forth in IRS Form 5695, Line 3a, regarding Residential Energy Tax Credit.

EnduraMax Named "Cool New Product" in Chicago

The EnduraMax System® was recently showcased at the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) Remodeling Show & Conference in Chicago, IL, where it was awarded the coveted "Cool New Product" award. EnduraMax's interactive display provided a hands-on look at how the simple paint-by-numbers system can boost energy efficiency, cut down on installation time, and improve the overall look of any remodel.

"The show was a coming-out event for EnduraMax, as we've indentified the repair and remodel market as a definite niche for our stone and brick insulating veneers," said Michael Rohrer, EnduraMax Product Manager. "It was exciting to see siding contractors jump on stage to try their hand at our interactive demo and see their eyes light up at the simplicity of the installation process."

Timmy Rhodes, Michael Rohrer & Kevin Cavanaugh of EnduraMax accept the "Cool New Product" award at Chicago NAHB Remodel Show & Conference.
Timmy Rhodes, Michael Rohrer & Kevin Cavanaugh of EnduraMax accept the "Cool New Product" award at Chicago NAHB Remodel Show & Conference.

Retrofitting curved surfaces is a snap!

Before Retrofitting Curved Surfaces for Nissel Residential Remodel
Before: The front of the home includes a curved marquee feature that could have presented issues for traditional masonry.

Insulation Panels Used for Nissel Residential Remodel
Insulation panels: Additional scores were added to the back of the foam panels, creating a flexible framework that could be molded and affixed to the curved structure.

Masonry Stones & EnduraMax Wall System
Masonry: Larger stones were cut to create the additional joints needed for the curved design.