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Mondrian Stone Cut Sheet - Carolinas

Mondrian Stone

Full Bed Veneers

Mondrian Stone by Echelon Masonry

This new innovative generation of stone will add prestige and distinction to your design. Its texture, defined edges, slightly chiseled surfaces and slender forms provide a modern look. It can be installed in linear or modular patterns and blends perfectly with existing sheathing as an accent or can be used for a primary design note.

Characteristics & Benefits

• Proposes a cutting-edge style with an attractive texture
• Allows for a modular or linear installation
• Reduces the number of cuts required and waste due to its modular dimensions
• All stones include textured ends to achieve corners 


A. All high density concrete masonry units shall be Mondrian Stone masonry units manufactured by Georgia Masonry Supply. All units shall conform to ASTM C1634-16 and shall have a hand chiseled finish with units have a subtle chisel face end. B. Field Constructed Mock up: Construct a sample panel, no less than 4’ x 4’, of units of the color to be used in the project. The cleaning agent and method should also be determined and applied at the time the sample panel is constructed.


A. Coursings: Install masonry construction anchored solidly to backing, properly aligned, plumb, and true in required layout, making straight, level courses, unless otherwise indicated.

1. Place stones to provide a pattern as approved.
2. Maintain mortar joint thickness of 3/8 inch (10 mm) to 3/4 inch (19 mm) either horizontally or vertically.
3. Tool joints as follows:
4. Alternate laying of the stone to the same side so that joints will minimize repeating patterns.

a. Flush.
b. Concave.
c. Recessed. 


A. Cavity wall construction is recommended for exterior walls, with proper flashing, venting and weep holes. Install Flashing at locations shown on plans and in strict accordance with the details, and best masonry flashing practices.
B. A complimentary or matching mortar color is recommended when using MONDRIAN STONE units.
C. A water repellent mortar additive is highly recommended for all exterior walls.
D. Control joint spacing should be approximately 20’ - 25’ max. And located at inside corners, 4’ from corners, all inside corners, at wall piers, wall height changes and at one or both sides of windows or large openings. In accordance with NCMA latest tech bulletins. Continuous horizontal joint reinforcement is recommended in the exterior wythe every course with 12” high units.

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