Cordova Stone Case Study – Huntsman Cancer Institute (Salt Lake City, UT))

Huntsman Cancer Institute Built with Cordova Stone by Echelon

The timeless look and chiseled face of Oldcastle® Cordova Stone masonry, set against the backdrop of scenic Salt Lake Valley, create an edifice that's built to last and continually meets the ever-changing needs of cancer research and treatment. Set on the campus of the University of Utah, the Huntsman Cancer Institute is a world-class cancer research facility with laboratory, vivarium, and office space, housed in a six-story structure. The 242,000 square foot facility consists of a unique "T" shape of two different structures connected by an expansion joint. Built into the sloping landscape, the combination of GROUNDFACE and CHISELFACE Cordova Stone units provides a contrasting textured monolithic veneer which compliments the constantly changing natural landscape and surrounding mountains.

John Diamond, lead architect for the project, selected the Cordova Stone for its natural limestone appearance, durability, strength, and cost efficiency. In addition, Cordova Stone offered a monolithic presence with a color that blended very well with the natural landscape and lent itself to projecting a strong and permanent personality. Additional considerations were also needed due to the project's location in a Category E seismic zone. These high density blocks, which weigh about 150 pounds per cubic foot and have a compressive strength of over 4,000 PSI, were tied to the framing at 16 inches on center in both directions. Two sizes of Cordova Stone were used: 103-pound units (4"x16"x24") for the lower 35 feet of the building and 48-pound units (4"x8"x24") for the courses between 35 and 155 feet. Both sizes are completely solid.

Product: Oldcastle® Cordova Stone
Architect Firms: diamond phillips, Babcock Design Group, and Jensen Haslem Architects
Lead Architect: John Diamond, NCARB - diamond phillips
General Contractor: Jacobsen Construction Company
Masonry Contractor: McQueen Masonry

Since its original construction in 1999, the Huntsman Cancer Institute's campus has undergone two expansions, with a 50-bed 276,000 square foot hospital wing added in 2004 and an additional 50-bed 120,000 square foot wing currently under construction.

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Manufactured by Northfield Block Company, Cordova STONE high-density pre-finished architectural masonry units combine all-natural aggregates with concrete masonry to create the beauty of natural stone with the structural integrity of concrete. Available for both veneer or through-wall applications in a variety of textures, colors, shapes and sizes, Cordova STONE offers unlimited interior and exterior design options, including archways, coping, and sills. Cordova STONE's newest look, Chiselface, offers a sophisticated dimensional texture with the hand-chiseled look of natural-cut limestone. Easily cut and shaped in the field, installation is a breeze. Designed to last, Cordova STONE is mold and moisture resistant, provides a high degree of cleansability, requires virtually no maintenance, and outperforms all ASTM requirements for strength and durability.

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