EnduraMax Case Study – Grand Canyon University Dorm (Phoenix, AZ)

Grand Canyon University Dorm Built with the EnduraMax High Performance Wall System

The construction of the Grand Canyon University Dormitory presented a unique challenge for the project team. The design of the building was intended to complement existing campus construction; however, the masonry used on surrounding structures was beginning to show signs of stress. In addition, the product used in the original construction was no longer available. Superlite Block was able to color match and specifically design EnduraMax concrete bricks that simulated the look of the modular clay brick previously used, with the added benefits of speedier construction, better insulation, and better structural integrity.

The EnduraMax bricks were created by blending Sedona and Fuego Red colors and were cast in 15 5/8" lengths with a deep center score that, once mortared, simulated the look of regular 7 1/2" bricks. The approximately 23,000 square foot masonry project was completed in less than six weeks. Traditional masonry would have necessitated additional foundation work that would have required about 2-3 weeks of added construction time.

Architect: Nick Acquafredda, AIA (Architects & Planners International, Inc.)
Supplier: Superlite Block
General Contractor: Pono Construction, LLC
Mason Contractor: Thunderbird Masonry, Inc.