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Enduramax Creates the Perfect Fit for Dallas-based Architectural Firm

There is no better endorsement than when an architectural firm specifies a manufacturer’s product for the unique new office space it is set to build. Wright Group Architects + Planners utilized Echelon’s Enduramax® High Performance Wall System on the firm’s new location in downtown Carrolton, Texas, a growing suburb north of Dallas. 

Wright Group Architects + Planners utilized Echelon’s Enduramax® High Performance Wall System


Founded in 1998, the Wright Group performs architecture and interior design work for a wide range of clients across Northeast Texas. Principals decided to relocate to Carrolton and found the perfect site, an old service station that the team could refurbish to show off its architectural and design chops while also creating an amazing working environment for its staff. “The space was an old Humble Station that had been abandoned for a number of years,” stated Max Baker, Wright Group Architects + Planners, Director of Business Development. “Our goal was to modernized it and enhance the functionality for our growing business, while also retaining much of the art deco charm.” 

Dallas, Texas, features broiling hot summers and extremely cold winters, so the Enduramax High Performing Wall System made for a perfect energy-efficient solution. 

“We strive to design structures for our clients that take advantage of the most energy-efficient materials and practices on the market,” said Baker. “On this project, we obviously wanted to lead by example, and the Enduramax system is one of the tools we used to create an environmentally-conscious design and cut down on energy consumption.” 

The wall system consists of numerous parts. Polystyrene panels form the foundation, creating a pattern for masonry installation, while also providing additional insulation and blocking outside noise. The panels are held to the structure’s framing by stainless steel anchors and fasteners and feature integrated drainage channels on the front and back to remove unwanted moisture that can infiltrate any masonry wall. The Wright Group team chose clay bricks to complete the wall system on the 4,100-square-foot building, along with Echelon’s specially engineered mortar for enhanced adhesion and strength. The bricks were mixed and matched in a decorative pattern that complemented the 1950’s-style art deco look. All the system’s components work together to form a total cladding solution, which together provide an insulation value of R9.2 steady state for the structure.

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