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EnduraMax Cut Sheet

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Upgrade the performance of your project with acoustical comfort, energy efficiency & moisture management with this complete system.

Every component of the EnduraMax™ High Performance Wall System is specifically engineered to work together, forming a total cladding solution that adds superior energy performance. The complete system offers an insulation value of R9.2 steady state. This extra layer of thermal protection means building owners can benefit from a cladding system that helps meet and exceed today’s demanding energy codes.

Features & Benefits
• Significantly reduces installation time
• Complete wall system
• Increased energy efficiency
• Moisture management
• Sound reduction for acoustical comfort
• Can be paired with a number of Echelon™ Masonry products
• High end aesthetics

A System Approach

EnduraMax High Performance Wall System - Features

EnduraMax™ Wall System consists of three essential elements that combine to deliver unmatched performance & beauty to your project.

  1. Foam Installation Panels Masonry Units EnduraMax Mortar
    • Polystyrene insulation panels include premolded cells on the outside face, which form the pattern for installing masonry units. • Drainage channels in the front and back of each panel allow any water that infiltrates the wall to escape.
  2. Masonry Units
    • Masonry units insert easily into the cells of the foam panels for quick installation.
    • Stone, clay and concrete brick options offer unique aesthetically pleasing designs.
  3. EnduraMax Mortar
    • A pre-blended, proprietary mortar that complies with ASTM C270 enhances pumpability, bond strength, flexibility and dimensional stability

Meeting A Higher Standard

EnduraMax’s continuous insulation barrier is an ideal way to meet Energy Star’s strict energy performance score requirements. Its superior thermal performance will contribute to eligibility for a Designed to Earn the Energy Star (DEES) certification. With the help of EnduraMax, you can truly distinguish a building by being able to meet this prestigious standard for efficiency.

  • Sound Proofing: The EnduraMax Wall system has an STC rating of 61dB as per testing done in accordance with ASTM E90.
  • Wind Rating: Depending on building parameters, EnduraMax Wall System can withstand wind speeds of up to 140 MPH. Tested in accordance with ASTM E330.
  • Fire Resistance: EnduraMax Wall System may be used over any exterior fire resistance rated assembly without changing the assigned hourly rating allowing to meet a 2-hour fire rating. Tested in accordance with ASTM E119. EnduraMax is also NFPA 285 compliant.
  • Moisture Management: As a total cladding solution, EnduraMax integrates all components necessary to achieve superior moisture management. Channels in the front and back of the insulation panels drain any water that may infiltrate the wall, protecting the structure from damage over a long lifetime of moisture exposure.
  • Seismic Info: EnduraMax Wall System may be installed in seismic zones A to D. Please refer to the EnduraMax Evaluation Report sections 5.7, 5.8 and 5.9 for specifi c seismic information.

Exceeding Tomorrow’s Codes

As codes continue to move toward tougher building envelope standards, EnduraMax’s superior thermal performance enables you to exceed increasingly stringent R-Value requirements, without having to add additional exterior insulation or build larger wall cavities. EnduraMax may be installed on metal frame or wood frame buildings up to climate zone 6. Zones 7 and 8 may also be addressed by evaluating the building characteristics and installation details.

EnduraMax High Performance Wall System - Building Codes

A Smarter Masonry

A high performance exterior is critical to a building’s overall efficiency. The EnduraMax Wall System helps reduce energy loss and may outperform other cladding options, saving energy and operating costs while enhancing interior comfort and exterior aesthetics.

EnduraMax High Performance Wall System - Finished Examples

EnduraMax ™ Performance Upgrade Options

The EnduraMax Wall System is a performance upgrade option that may be paired with a number of Echelon™ Masonry products to provide the aesthetics desired. Pair EnduraMax with the following Echelon product lines as well as Morency Stone Veneers and Clay Brick.

EnduraMax High Performance Wall System - Upgrade Options

EnduraMax Morency Stone & EnduraMax Clay Brick.

EnduraMax Morency Stone and Clay Brick colors are regional. Please ask your Echelon architectural representative for samples.

EnduraMax Morency Stone & EnduraMax Clay Brick


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