EnduraMax Case Study – Beaver Dam Apartment Complex Rehab (Beaver Dam, WI)

Beaver Dam Apartment Complex Rehab Built with EnduraMax Wall System

Father and son management team Col. Pete and Clancy Knaup were challenged with updating an ambling 30-year-old three-story apartment complex that required both a cosmetic facelift and energy retrofitting. With the EnduraMax Veneer System® by Oldcastle®, they discovered a revolutionary product that could solve both dilemmas at the same time without the need for additional structural support. Because of the increased energy efficiency provided by the EnduraMax system, the project qualified for funding from the U.S. Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Green Retrofit Program.

"I had no idea that something like this was available. We got the fabulous stone look we wanted with the insulation value we needed, all in one product," said Col. Pete.

Oldcastle employees trained the contractor and masonry crews on product installation and built on-site life-sized color samples for product selection. "The mason contractor loved the product because of the simplicity. It goes together like a play-school puzzle and doesn't require the same skill level as natural stone installations," said Col. Pete.

The EnduraMax retrofit installation began in May 2011 and is scheduled to be completed later this month. A certified engineer with the state of Wisconsin's "Focus on Energy" program took initial energy consumption measurements prior to the renovation. Additional measurements will be taken in 2012 to determine energy consumption reduction levels as part of the state-wide initiative.

Owner/Contractor: Port Supply and Property Management
Project Managers: Col. Pete Knaup and Clancy Knaup
Mason Contractor: Westfall Masonry
Product: Morency Stone (Amboise)

Green Benefits of the EnduraMax Veneer System

The EnduraMax Veneer System® emulates the timeless look of natural stone or clay brick while offering the cutting edge benefits of modern masonry veneer and is equally suited for residential or commercial new construction and renovations.

  • Energy Savings: Reduce heating and cooling costs due to insulation value of R-13.5*.
  • Soundproofing: Polystyrene insulation panels provide increased acoustical comfort.
  • Water Drainage: Water channels allow for easy drainage and prevent water build-up that could
  • damage the structure or the masonry.
  • Durability: Choose from concrete masonry stones, bricks or clay bricks, all of which offer years of durability and low maintenance costs.
  • Recyclability: Insulation panels, masonry, and mortar are all recyclable.
  • Ease of Installation: Installation process is easy to learn and significantly reduces construction time.

ASTM C1363-05 Thermal Performance Test determines Effective R-Value of EnduraMax System

*An independently conducted ASTM C1363-05 Thermal Performance Test determined the Effective R-Value of the EnduraMax System as R-13.8, taking into consideration the thermal mass benefits of all system components.

Retrofitting as Easy as 1-2-3!

EnduraMax Installation: Product Panels Built on Site to Aid in Color Selection

Step 1: Product panels were built on-site to aid in color selection.

Step 2: Outdated and aging veneer was removed in sections, as needed.

EnduraMax Installation: Aging Veneer Removed in Sections & Panels Affixed to Structure

Step 3: Polystyrene panels were affixed to the structure, adding insulation and providing a placement guide for installation. Morency stones were placed into the panels, and mortar was pumped in. No additional footings or foundation work needed!

For more information on the EnduraMax installation process, click here.