EnduraMax Case Study – Bay Shore Apartment Complex Rehab (Beaver Dam, WI)

Before & After Photos of the Bay Shore Apartment Complex with EnduraMax Wall System

As part of Wisconsin's "Focus on Energy" program, father and son property management team, building owners, and general contractors, Col. Pete and Clancy Knaup began a major energy retrofit of their Beaver Dam, WI, three-story Bay Shore apartment complex in early 2011. A major aspect of the remodel included removing the old plywood siding and replacing it with the EnduraMax High Performance Wall System. Thus far, their efforts have garnered over $120,000 in federal tax credits.

"Part of the qualification process included doing blower door tests on every unit," said Col. Knaup. "If the test only measured the building envelope, we would have qualified for more. Unfortunately, we found some internal air leaks between floors due to interior plumbing chases, which hurt our case."

Because the Knaups are still in the process of fine-tuning other energy retrofitting aspects of the complex, such as the plumbing and HVAC systems, they have not yet compiled data on the overall energy consumption savings. However, Col. Knaup noted that the tenants have reported feeling more comfortable. In addition, he personally noticed that the heating system has not yet turned on in this early Fall season cool down as in past years and attributes much of the difference to the added insulation of EnduraMax.

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