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There’s an art to what you create: designing structures that are beautiful and functional, yet also withstand the tests of time. Only certain surfaces and textures will do for your project. And only a proven partner can assure your wish list of modern needs is carried out — from your starting vision to a stunning finish. Artisan Masonry Stone Veneers® are designed around the realities of today’s building environment. Utilizing quality materials and innovative manufacturing techniques, each product carries the look, tone and texture of classic stone in a variety of ways. Yet each is also designed to perform better than stone — with superior durability, proven energy efficiency, streamlined installation and long-term low maintenance. 

Hillcrest™ Stone
Kensley™ Stone
Cordova Stone™
Franklin Stone™

Waterford Stone™
Lamina® Stone
Cinco® Brick


Variety is the building block of architecture.

Our thin veneers bring the sought-after look of stone to any interior or exterior application — in a variety of colors, textures and aggregates. Engineered to withstand the elements, each product repels water and resists mold for long-term performance. Plus, lightweight veneers weigh less than 15 lbs. per square foot, meaning less effort to transport and install.

Use as a focal point on a fireplace, as an exterior accent on a wall, or to cover the entire facade of a building. The versatility of thin veneer means it requires no footing, allowing you to use these products in virtually any setting.

  • MADE SMARTER Our manufacturing process combines all-natural aggregates to deliver consistent color throughout the block. The beautiful end effect withstands the elements of time.
  • LASTING BEAUTY The low-maintenance surface repels water and resists mold.
  • STREAMLINED INSTALLATION No footing required, helping you save on installation time and costs.

Hillcrest™ Stone


Artisan Thin Veneer - Hillcrest Stone

The look of stacked stone, installed in a fraction of the time.

Can a modular thin veneer system look like an artisan has been at work? With Hillcrest™, you get the rustic finish of stacked stone without costly and timeconsuming installation. The veneers are lightweight, making them ideal for practically any non-load-bearing application — from cladding the entire exterior of a building to surfacing a focal-point interior structure. 

  • The modular system is designed to fit with tight dimensional tolerances. 
  • Three varying color choices can be used independently or field blended to create distinctive color blends.
  • Natural looking texture varies from 1 1⁄8-inch to 1 5⁄8-inch in depth.
  • Unique texture creates the appearance of rustic stacked stone.

Kensley™ Stone


Artisan Thin Veneer - Kensley Stone

Traditional ashlar pattern. Modern-day engineering.

With Kensley™ Stone, thin is in. The traditional ashlar design gives the stones a cleaner edge, allowing you to achieve a tight 3/8-inch mortar joint. Designed to reflect the timeless aesthetics of natural limestone, this lightweight veneer offers a modern texture and upscale look while minimizing install time and cost.

Cordova Stone™ 1-inch


Artisan Thin Veneer - Cordova Stone 1-inch

The clean, traditional look of natural limestone.

Cordova’s thin finished product carries the look of our popular Trenwyth™ Cordova line. The extensive selection of natural and earth-blended colors emulates the beauty of quarried limestone — from rough and chiseled to subtle and ground. 

  • Choose from traditional gray or beige tones or four distinct earth-blend shades.
  • Each color option carries the natural look of limestoneAvailable in ground, rock, texture face or chisel face.
  • Stone sizes and shapes may be customized to meet project needs.

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Franklin Stone™ 1-inch


Artisan Thin Veneer - Franklin Stone 1-inch

Formal and classic. Whatever texture you need.

Franklin Stone™ is the ideal product for the look of classic cast stone with modern manufactured masonry veneer advantages. Engineered from a mixture of white Portland cement combined with fine aggregates, the result is a highly dense and durable product that’s uniform in appearance. Choose from smooth, rock, chisel or texture face finishes — each offers consistent coloration and texture from stone to stone. 

  • Four light grey, white or tan color options allow you to give buildings a classic, uniform finish.
  • Available in smooth, rock, chisel and texture face.  
  • Stone sizes and shapes may be customized to meet project needs.

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Bring out your inner artisan.

Many of our full-depth veneers allow you to create a stunning end-effect from not only a palette of colors, but also a variety of stone shapes and sizes. These modular systems help you to easily design a pattern that best suits your style needs or client preferences. 

Waterford Stone


Artisan Full Veneer - Waterford Stone

Old world appeal. Total design freedom.

The choices with Waterford are almost as endless as the designs you can create — large stone ratios, color ranges, color blends, accent colors, concave joints and half-recessed joints. The options allow you to lay the stones in a way that suits your building’s size, scale and ultimate design. The antiqued edges and textured face of each unit assure the honed look of hand-cut stone comes to life in every application. 

Full thickness veneers have a consistent 3 ½-inch depth. Many lines feature textured ends, meaning there’s no need for additional corner pieces.

  • DESIGNED SMARTER Integrated color throughout the entire unit assures the product maintains its color year after year.
  • LASTING BEAUTY Low-maintenance surface repels water and resists mold.
  • STREAMLINED INSTALLATION The modular format means less cutting and waste, helping you save on installation time and costs.

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Lamina Stone


Artisan Full Veneer - Lamina Stone

Distinctive stacked stone. Laid to your specifications.

Various multi-length units allow you to specify the stacked stone pattern that fits your project’s style. Use no solid units for a bold and contemporary look, or add solid stone jumpers to create a more transitional design. The modular format means less cutting and waste — and faster installation. Ideal for any surface: use on a building’s exterior facade or to accentuate architectural elements such as wall sections or wainscoting.

  • Available in a wide range of color options, including regional options.
  • Compared to other veneers, Lamina® features a deeper mortar bed, for a more true-to-life stone finish.
  • Full thickness 3 ½-inch masonry units.

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Cinco Brick


Artisan Full Veneer - Cinco Brick

The natural colors and texture of traditional stone. The installation convenience of brick.

At the turn of the last century, buildings were often constructed out of brick that was fired to mirror the color of stone. Cinco® Brick draws inspiration from this time period, with a wide array of colors that harmonize well with the stone shades found throughout our Artisan Masonry Stone Veneer collection. Yet the product’s unique height makes the installation similar to brick both in pattern and cost.

  • Cinco Brick harmonizes well with many Artisan Masonry Stone Veneers, especially Waterford Stone™.
  • Multiple lengths, textures and colors enhance design flexibility.  
  • All stones are approximately 3 ½-inches thick.

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Dufferin Stone


Artisan Full Veneer - Dufferin Stone

Hewn and weathered in look. Time-tested durability.

Warm color blends and rich textures add architectural interest to any project. The natural texture veneer brings a more rustic look to buildings and interiors, giving an industrial-era feel to commercial, residential or institutional settings. Installed using the same construction methods used to lay brick, Dufferin® Stone’s modular configuration and variety of stone sizes allow for a hand-hewn look in customized patterns.

  • Resembles the look of old stone in color, style and finish.
  • Mortar with recessed joints for a formal finish or flush joints for a true rustic end effect.
  • Dufferin Stone has a consistent 3 ½-inch depth.

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Add architectural interest with the details that distinguish.

Often, it’s the details that set a design apart. Artisan lets you enhance your projects with keystones, sills, quoins and more to take your project to the next level cost effectively. Choose color options from our Cordova Stone or Franklin Stone lines. 

Full-Depth Veneer Accessories


State-of-the-art equipment is used to customize full-depth units to fit your customizable design needs. Explore the endless ways we can shape, cut and tool Cordova Stone and Franklin Stone. Accessories are available in full depths in colors and textures that perfectly accent our line of veneers. 

  • DESIGNED SMARTER High density concrete is extremely durable.
  • LASTING BEAUTY The low-maintenance surface repels water and resists mold.
  • STREAMLINED INSTALLATION Longer sill length means less cutting and waste, helping you save on installation time and costs.


With numerous combinations of textures, colors and finishes, Artisan is designed to spark your imagination. The colors you see here are just the beginning of the options we offer. To view color palettes and specifications for all products, contact your Echelon representative to obtain an Echelon Design Guide and Sample Board or download the Artisan Masonry catalog.