Amerimix Case Study – Trader Joe's (Colorado)

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CONTRACTOR: Mark Young Construction, Inc.
MASON: Ammex Masonry
PRODUCTS: Amerimix Core Fill Grout Amerimix Water Repellent Mortar with RainBloc GP® 

Trader Joe’s Uses Amerimix® Water Repellent Mortar with RainBloc GP® in All Colorado Stores.

Trader Joe’s is a specialty grocery store chain that has expanded nationally due to its success. Its growth has included the construction of new stores in Colorado. The mason contractor, Ammex Masonry, chose Amerimix Core Fill Grout and Amerimix Water Repellent Mortar with RainBloc GP for the exterior of all Colorado Trader Joe’s locations.

A revolutionary advancement to masonry construction, the RainBloc Integral Water Repellent System is a patented additive incorporated in the Concrete Masonry Unit (CMU) and is factory blended in the Amerimix Water Repellent Mortar. This high-performance, polymeric-based waterrepellent admixture resists wind-driven rain, mold, mildew and efflorescence staining. RainBloc has been proven to have no impact on the bond strength and board life of the mortar, making it perform no different than current mortars.

On past projects, Ammex Masonry mixed RainBloc into the mortar on site, which proved to be difficult and timeconsuming. By switching to Amerimix Water Repellent Mortar with RainBloc, Ammex Masonry was able to quickly make consistent batches every time. The time savings enabled Ammex Masonry to complete the Trader Joe’s construction on schedule. The mason has been extremely satisfied with the Amerimix products, especially the workability, ease of troweling and secure attachment to the head/vertical joints.

Ammex Masonry used Amerimix silos to help the job run efficiently and on schedule. Masons simply had to pull the silo handle to drop material into the mixer and then add water. The silos allowed masons to make a batch of mortar in half the time of conventional mixing, increasing productivity. The silos also eliminated labor expenses associated with bag handling, loading and sand shoveling. Plus, silos were easy to move around the job site and kept product dry due to their weather resistance.

Just as Trader Joe’s has proven itself successful in the grocery industry, Amerimix Core Fill Grout and Amerimix Water Repellent Mortar with RainBloc have proven successful in building a water resistant wall systems. As a testament to its effectiveness, all Colorado Trader Joe’s have been constructed using Amerimix products.

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