Quik-Brik Case Study – 24-Hour Fitness (Taylorsville, UT)

24 Hour Fitness Building Built with Quik-Brik Masonry

Location: Taulorsville, UT
Sector: Private

The design and construction team for the 24 Hour Fitness project was faced with the challenge of coordinating the building's architecture with existing buildings in the Taylorsville shopping center. Due to problems the team had experienced with product availability and consistency, they began searching for an alternative to the existing clay brick. Quik-Brik® provided a readily available brick veneer alternative that offered an excellent color match with superior product performance...all at a better cost value.

The very nature of Quik-Brik ensured uniformity throughout the project. The team was so pleased with the product's performance that Quik-Brik was specified for use on the next project in the same shopping center.

Architect: PGA&W Architects - Kris Pasker, AIA
General Contractor: JL Hardy
Masonry Contractor: Allen's Masonry
Supplier: Amcor Masonry

Featured Product >> Quik-Brik®

Quik-Brik offers designers and contractors the durability of concrete masonry, the cost-efficiency of single-wythe construction, and the rich appearance of brick. Available in a variety of color options, Quik-Brik structural brick veneer outperforms traditional clay brick veneer in a number of areas. Unlike clay brick, Quik-Brik can stand alone without additional structural support. In addition, it offers higher durability, simpler one-step installation and consistency of color that won't weather or fade.

Quik-Brik exceeds ASTM-C-90 building code requirements for compression strength and absorption, is fire and mold resistant, offers Sound Transmission Class (STC) of 45-48, and has a hollow core that can be filled with insulation to increase R-values and energy efficiency. The hollow core also allows for grouting or rebar options required by some building codes. In addition, Quik-Brik offers two levels of water protection. A polymer additive used in the manufacturing process reduces water penetration associated with wicking. Secondly, our V-Technology angles the top web surfaces towards the center of the unit and channels wind-driven and crackinduced water leakage to the middle of the unit, which keeps interior walls dry, prevents mold growth, and improves indoor air quality.