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Join us monthly for AIA-accredited webinars on modern solutions to the most pressing challenges in architecture, presented by experts from across the industry. From specification support to site planning to strategies to optimize the health and wellness of your occupants and beyond, APG U sessions offer up knowledge you need to succeed – and the LU and HSW credits you need to stay current.


Check out the current block of webinars below. A number of previous APGU courses have also been recorded and are available within the

Oldcastle APG Continuing Education Portal for on-demand learning purposes.



April 13, 1pm ET – Permeable Paver Design Using ASCE Standard 68-18​ (1 LU | HSW))

Need an innovative solution to a complex runoff problem? Permeable pavers may be your solution. 


Join industry experts for a review of the hydrologic benefits of permeable pavers as a structural design solution. 


We'll take an in-depth look at site selection and optimization, construction and maintenance of permeable paver systems, and spec writing to make sure your design intent is clear.


May 11, 1pm ET – Project Success Using Adhered Veneer Systems (1 LU | HSW)​

Adhered veneer systems are a cost-effective way to achieve a masonry aesthetic – but their installation requires careful specification and installation procedures.  


Join experts from the manufactured stone and masonry mortar industries for a deep dive into the products, methods and specification details needed to ensure project success.  


In addition to reviewing best practices, we'll also cover how to specify a complete adhered veneer system as well as reviewing project challenges to diagnose failure modes and discuss how to mitigate those challenges. 


June 8, 1pm ET – Pushing the Building Envelope: Disovering Innovative Cladding Systems (1 LU | HSW)

Need more from your building exterior? Maintain the beauty, efficiency and cost-savings you expect from cladding with some unexpected advantages. 


Join industry experts as they review new commercial and residential cladding systems designed to enhance sustainability and eliminate unwanted moisture. 


We'll cover a mounted stone panel engineered to reduce moisture and make installation a breeze along with a cladding option made from 95% recycled composite materials


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