Franklin Stone™ 1-inch

  • Franklin Stone is highly customizable and may be cut and tooled into custom sizes
  • Large variety of colors & shapes
  • Repels water & resists mold
  • Low maintenance & durable
  • Design flexibility
  • Consistent color throughout

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About Franklin Stone™ 1-inch

Whether you prefer smooth texture and clean lines, or a bold chiseled face, Franklin Stone™ 1-inch stone veneers are the ideal product for the look of cast stone with modern manufactured masonry veneer advantages. Franklin Stone™ masonry block is made from a mixture of white portland cement combined with fine aggregates, resulting in a highly dense product with a texture similar to that of natural limestone. Unlike other masonry units, the aggregates do not show giving Franklin Stone™ 1-inch block its consistent, natural finish.

Technical Data

Minimum Compressive Strength 1900 psi
Maximum absorption by weight 15 lbs./cu. ft
Minimum density (medium weight) 105-125 lbs./cu. ft.

Shapes & Sizes

Franklin stone spec 1inch

Standard Rectangle
1”W x 4”H x 24”L

Franklin stone spec 2

Standard Rectangle
1”W x 8”H x 24”L

Franklin stone spec 3

Standard Rectangle
1”W x 12”H x 24”L

Franklin stone spec 4

Standard Rectangle
1”W x 16”H x 24”L

Franklin Stone may be cut and tooled to fit your project needs, providing the ultimate design flexibility. Please inquire about additional shapes and sizes.

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