Our product offerings vary based on project location

Echelon Masonry products are manufactured regionally in order to deliver the best prices and lead times.

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Echelon Masonry products have been updates to highlight products available to that region.

Echelon Masonry: A New Brand from Oldcastle

The Leader In Architectural Masonry

Committed to the time-honored tradition of masonry since 2015.

For generations, Oldcastle APG has been North America's leading manufacturer of architectural masonry products and materials. We have established ourselves as an industry leader and dedicated partner and are renowned for successfully completing projects from beginning to end. Now Oldcastle APG embarks on a new journey, consolidating our many masonry products, services and expertise into the single brand of Echelon. Echelon provides the masonry industry with a singular go-to source for high-quality architectural masonry products and reliable service partnerships. Echelon Masonry’s core values are outlined below.

The five pillars of echelon


One brand, innumerable offerings

Echelon represents the most comprehensive offering of architectural masonry in the industry. The sheer breadth of services and products we can provide enables us to be a true partner to our customers. We are the single-source solution, every single time.


Trust is built in-person

Strong relationships and success go hand-in-hand. That means providing on-site support. Shaking hands instead of sending emails. Being there wherever “there” is. Because we’re more than just representatives—we’re partners.


Every town is our town

Echelon is backed by a national infrastructure with more than 150 operating locations This empowers us with unparalleled logistical capabilities while still allowing us to provide a local response and a personal presence.


Confidence comes standard

We know our customers look to us for our deep heritage and long-standing record of expertise in every facet of architectural masonry. Echelon continues this tradition by combining our many strengths into one reliable powerhouse.


Efficiency starts with innovation

We take pride in Oldcastle APG and Echelon Masonry’s history and solid reputation, while keeping our sights set on opportunities for positive change. Every masonry product offered by Echelon is designed with practicality in mind, coming in the form of efficient solutions in production, installation and cost savings.