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Product Spotlight: InsulTech and EnduraMax Wall Systems

Today’s masonry projects require speed and efficiency to come in on time and on budget. High performance wall systems can do many jobs in a single assembly with moisture control and high R-values while meeting local codes.

Oldcastle Architectural’s Echelon Masonry brand features two wall systems that accomplish multiple construction tasks in a single assembly and help control moisture: InsulTech insulated concrete masonry system (ICMS), and the EnduraMax High Performance Wall System, a total cladding solution that utilizes foam panels.


Design flexibility, installation efficiency, moisture management


InsulTech offers high thermal efficiency with a combination of a pre-assembled structural masonry unit, molded EPS insulation insert and thin veneer face.

This system provides design flexibility, installation efficiency, moisture management as well as wind and fire resistance. It is available in both standard finishes and Trenwyth® masonry colors and textures.

Among the projects for which the InsulTech system was recently selected was the Banta Bowl sports complex of Lawrence University in Appleton, Wisconsin. With the freeze/thaw cycle of Wisconsin winters, InsulTech provides an effective solution in minimizing related damage from frozen moisture.

Banta Bowl at Lawrence University

The lead architect chose painted CMU for the interior and a variety of Echelon faces, including Trenwyth Mesastone® and ground face Trendstone® block for the exterior. The system installed more quickly and took up less space than a traditional concrete masonry unit wall.



  • Class III Vapor Permeability rating of between 2.5 and 5.5 perms to more easily transport water vapor.
  • Stainless steel ties.
  • Horizontal gaskets with drainage holes that channel water down, away from the building.
  • Integrated water repellent admixtures      


Channels in the front and back drain any water that may infiltrate the wall.

EnduraMax Cross Section Diagram

The EnduraMax High Performance Wall System features installation panels that affix to the studs or steel building with stainless steel anchors and screws to provide a framework for several options of brick or manufactured stone veneers.

It is comprised of a framework of pocketed and profile-molded EPS insulation panels that attach directly to the structure.

Masonry stones or bricks and pumped mortar complete the exterior. As a total cladding solution, EnduraMax integrates all components necessary to achieve superior moisture management. Channels in the front and back drain any water that could infiltrate the wall, protecting the structure from damage over a long lifetime of moisture exposure. Integrated water repellant additives in the block and mortar add another layer of protection.

EnduraMax was recently used in the construction of Avenir, a mixed-use development project in downtown Milwaukee’s Park East corridor. The project’s lead designer specified the use of EnduraMax in conjunction with Harvard-Brik® and Cordova Stone veneers from Echelon’s Artisan Masonry Stone Veneer® line.

Discover our complete portfolio of performance upgrade options. Want to learn more about these products? Contact your Echelon representative.

This article first appeared in Modern Masonry Issue 2. View the full issue here.


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