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Modern Masonry Magazine: Fire Resistant Masonry

Echelon’s most recent issue of Modern Masonry magazine reveals current masonry trends revolving around the subject of fire. Included in the issue:

Fire-Resistant Building Materials

Fire events can impact anyone: from wildland areas to inner cities, and can result in devastating loss in both life and property. During your building planning process, it is critical to consider the fire rating of the materials used in construction. Did you know?

  • Heavy timber keeps fires contained to the room of origin 47% of the time
  • Concrete keeps fires contained to the room of origin 93% of the time

Read this issue to learn more about how heat resistant concrete building materials can give people more time to evacuate to safety as well as first responders more time to contain the fire and reduce building loss.

Rebuilding After a Fire: West, Texas School District

In 2013, a fertilizer plant explosion leveled the town of West, Texas, destroying 500 homes. In addition, the intermediate, middle, and high schools were all deemed unsafe and required a rebuild. Read the latest issue of Modern Masonry to learn how this rebuild became an opportunity to transform the schools into not only a fire resistant building, but also safe haven for the entire community in the case of a natural disaster.

Learn more about these topics, and more, in the Fall 2017 issue of Modern Masonry Magazine.




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