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Best Practices for Echelon Masonry Stone Veneer

Because all Echelon Masonry stone veneers are manufactured with our patented dry-cast system, estimating for projects using our veneers is much faster and simpler than with traditional masonry veneers. The edges on our masonry veneer units provide a finished look, eliminating the need for 90-degree corner pieces required for traditional veneer. And integrated color throughout each unit ensures that the color won’t chip off, reducing the percentage to factor in for contingencies. 

VENEER UNITS: Integrated color also helps reduce waste caused by damage to veneer units during handling. Broken units can still be cut and used, as needed. Plus, eliminating the need for corner pieces results in fewer pallets on the job site or in the storage yard, freeing up valuable space. Reducing the number of pallets and related packing materials also means reduced construction waste on the jobsite.

ENDURAMAX INSTALLATION PANELS: For projects incorporating the EnduraMax™ High Performance Wall System, it is recommended to handle the installation panels with care to avoid damage prior to installation. Panels should be stored under the UV reflective covers until needed. The construction team should also be wary of strong wind conditions that might affect storage or handling.  

THIN VENEERS: Thin veneers from the Artisan Masonry Veneers® line install in nearly identical fashion to traditional lightweight veneers, with the exception of corner pieces, which are not needed. As with traditional veneer, a weather-resistant barrier is attached to the substrate, followed by wire mesh. A scratch coat of type S or N mortar is then applied, followed by the placement of the veneer units. Proper flashing is required at the base and at termination areas and transitions, including above windows and doors. Where available, Amerimix mortars are recommended, which are available through Echelon and would eliminate the need for multiple suppliers.

ENDURAMAX SYSTEM: The EnduraMax system can be used with nearly every Echelon masonry product to streamline installation of masonry veneer, with the exception of splitface block and the thin veneers from the Artisan line. Once EnduraMax installation panels are level and attached to the substrate, veneer units are installed in a paint-by-numbers fashion that speeds installation and reduces the reliance on skilled masons to complete the job. In addition, the system’s specialized mortar also installs more quickly and easily than traditional mortar. It is important to make sure that flashing is done properly in order to prevent moisture infiltration. >> Additional specifications. 

The EnduraMax™ High Performance Wall System single-handedly improves a wall’s energy efficiency, moisture management and acoustical comfort. All components of the system come together in a single order: anchors, screws, insulated installation panels, veneer units, mortar and weeps.


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