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Are you ready for LEED v4?

With only six months remaining to register projects under LEED 2009, now is the time to prepare for full implementation of LEED v4. Beginning November 1, 2016, any project pursuing LEED must do so under LEED v4, which is significantly revised from LEED 2009. Some of the things to consider are listed below.

  • Increased energy efficiency – Buildings must be at least 5% better than ASHRAE Standard 90.1-2010. The previous edition required compliance with the 2007 edition of Standard 90.1. Experts estimate this to be an increase in stringency of approximately 18%. Whole building energy simulation is the preferred compliance path in LEED v4.
  • Urban heat island calculation changes – LEED v4 combines the credits for roof and non-roof surfaces in a single urban heat island calculation.
  • Material ingredients matter – New credits in LEED v4 Materials and Resources (MR) section require documentation of building product raw materials and their effects on the environment. These include material ingredient reporting and environmental product declarations (EPDs).
  • Where products come from matters – Other new MR credits include sourcing of raw materials and a new take on regional materials that eliminates the stand-alone credit and instead adds weighting to materials sourced within 100 miles of the project site.
  • Consideration of building life cycle added – Expanded credits for reusing existing buildings and a new credit on performing a whole building life cycle assessment.
  • Acoustic performance – LEED v4 now includes a prerequisite for minimum acoustic performance in schools and a credit for acoustic performance in most other versions of the rating system.

Masonry products can play a significant role in achieving all of these credits and more. For information on how Echelon is preparing to help you achieve LEED v4 credits, click here.


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